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OCR02542 - Donkey Kong Country 3 (SNES) 'Epic Bananas'

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I remember requesting this way back before the DKC 3 project began and that's where I heard rumblings of this track. I can say that I am so glad that this came from the album after looking forward to it for so long. The sinister tone of the original got amped up in this ReMix and it does sound more epic. Moody, energy-filled, and definitely brings me back to that damn Ripsaw Rage level. *Shudders* Awesome job with this song, Sole Signal.

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I've tremendously enjoyed the entire DKC3 album in its entirety, but this song has been continually stuck in my head and I cannot stop listening to it. This, and The Paper Chase. This song is just so unbelievably awesome and epic and it makes me want to break into awesome dancing which I can't do because my dancing is... well, yeah. This is probably one of my favorite Sole Signal songs so far! Keep up the great work, Greg!

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I think this would be perfect for a forest labyrinth that's foreboding and scary enough during the day (or in the lighter dimension), then during the night (or in the darker dimension), the forest starts glowing purple like a black light, the atmosphere turns toxic, the trees turn leary (leery?) and evil, alien wildlife invade (or exist as an alternative to the less formidable wildlife of the light world), and in general the forest under the cover of darkness becomes too frightening and dangerous for anyone but the player characters to set foot into. For the "light" iteration of the forest, Epic Bananas would be the background music. For the "dark" doppelganger, Low Life would play.

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