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OCR02572 - Chrono Cross "A Dream Between Worlds"


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I always viewed the music from Chrono Cross to be astounding album to listen to and glad to see more remixes done from this game. This mix reminds me why I love it so and the violin just makes this song pop in a way I didn't expect.

Plus, for some reason I'm picturing this song in a Lord of the Rings type setting as it gives off the same atmosphere as the beginning of the Fellowship of the Ring.

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This song was one of those tunes in the game that snuck up on you. Despite being background music, it caught you by surprise and made you listen until you realized how beautiful it was.

This remix does it justice. Excellent violin work (which, as a huge fan of Chrono Trigger and Cross, is a perfect instrument to use for the more elegant or moving pieces), and the piano was spot on. Great job, guys. To do justice to Mitsuda's work is an impressive feat, to say the least.

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