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Enjoyable song. I like the progression through the theme over the 4-minute run time. I agree with Shariq; I'm digging the sort-of menacing vibe this gives off. The semi-dubstep section caught me off guard, but I think it fits well, and the transition to the exposed piano section directly afterward was well done. It's cool to see more "obscure" Sonic tracks get covered more often!

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Am I the only one who noticed djp's two recent Star Wars references? "In a galaxy..." and "the force is strong with this one." xD

Dat percussion. Mixing some clicky 8-bit sounds into the percussion and incorporating some light wubs was a good way to mix things up a bit in the middle of the track.

In general, it is a bit slow, IMO, but not terribly so. Good change-ups, and overall some alright sound design. Good work dude.

"Magically bluesome." he said with a straight face.

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This is the kind of dance track that I can really get behind. Starts off with a nice beat and a relaxing vibe to it and opens up to a bit of a dub section, before breaking back into the slow electronica. Love the piano that plays over the beat.

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