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Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream - History

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Larry is just kidding. The actual project release is timed for midnight *tonight*, EST, which is GMT-5. BTW I think now is a good time to say

Go tell everyone you know to download this tonight!

Let's break some records. :)

At the moment, we're in daylight savings time,which makes it EDT (Eastern Daily Time) which is GMT-4

I think djp can fully expect to find buckets of cum on his doorstop tomorrow morning.

I've been to his place.. I'd like to know what is neighbors would think of hundreds of fanboys circle jerking on his doorstep

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I personally find the combining of tracks such as Gold Saucer and Cid's theme a little, dared based on how they sound in-game. But as usual it would not make much sense to judge anything before i hear it myself. And thus, i wont.

Trenthian did a pretty good job of combining the two. The instrumentation is a bit odd, but it doesn't sound too bad considering the style of the piece.

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Owing to inconveniences like sleep & homework, I will be unable to listen to much upon its immediate release. But you can bet your ass I will have my fill this weekend.

Haha, indeed. Sleep takes precedence over waiting for a long-arse download to creep toward 100%. But I will certainly hear it all tomorrow evening.

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