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OCRA-0039 - Deus Ex: Sonic Augmentation


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I was able to download via qBittorrent. Worryingly, I noticed all ocremix.org torrents seem to be broken for me with KTorrent right now - adding other ocremix.org torrents also results in the 'stalled - no seeders' issue. The last successful torrent I downloaded was BadAss: Paragons and Renegades, which was only released a couple of months ago. KTorrent still works fine with other torrent trackers (I confirmed this just now), so looks like something non-standard ocremix.org is doing that KTorrent can't handle, perhaps?

Anyway, I have a work-around now. Thanks.

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Guys, I just want to say a huuuuge thanx to each and everyone who made this album possible. Because this album is incredibly wonderful!

I had been listening to it for weeks back in 2013 and still I listen to to Sonic Augmentation from time to time. Yeah, all these years :)

I love Deus Ex. I love its OST. And I absolutely love this album of yours.

//Especially Syren Synapse, Ma Cherie Nicolette, Distortion HQ and The God Machine. But the rest of tracklist are sure great too!

Thank you and God bless you guys for tons and lots of joy you give us (well, me for sure :))

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