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So you guys did everything up to Natols?

But you didn't do Natols...

Who do you mean "you guys"? OC ReMix? Or do you think Brushfire or Level 99 did arranging? I know they got credited for remixing but they just did the intro voices, which technically weren't even from the original game. :lol:

The WHOLE SECOND HALF is Natols! :-D It's almost perfectly 50/50 split between Intro / Take Off and Natols (Level 1). :-P

Also just so people know I made this in late 2010 for MAGFest 9. o_o

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BeStrades did all the hard work. We merely shared in his vision. Give this man the credit he deserves.

Not to discredit Stevo and Brushfire in any way, they worked hard to record that dialogue and in a weird way, the song has almost been waiting to be posted longer than OCAD existed, and now that it's on OCR it's like the last little final outing of a now defunct OCAD, it's pretty cool. They were first starting up OCAD when this song was being made, it's amazing.

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Alright, first off, Stevo and David did an amazing job with the intro talk. And then to end it off with the Wilhelm scream (which comes back later), ah, so much fun. The beeping and grinding sounds reminded me more of a garbage truck in a construction site than anything, but hey, it oddly worked. Love the intro, the sound effects, and the guitar work by Strader sounded great. You three did great justice to these songs for sure.

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