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Xenogears '7 Years Broken'

this song was my wedding song to my 1st wife. and when she passed away, I could not bare to hear it.

here 9 years later, I have heard the song for the 1st time since then. and i thank you, for btinging her back to life in my mind 5/5

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Great spin on an immortal piece of videogame music. A lighter treatment to something that was a bit deeper, but still very enjoyable.

The song sounds downright irrestistable to sing. There's a very cool twisting vocal melody that sounds very fun to master, and that sense of fun comes through in the vocal. Quality-wise, the instrumental portions of the mix were much stronger than the vocal, but that's not to say the mix would benefit with their removal. The singing, even with the various flaws, is fundamental. Besides, with today's society focusing so much on the quest for perfection, it's refreshing to recieve a reminder that perfection is a myth, average-to-good voices can work just as well as trained voices, and that there is no shame in digtal alteration if quality is the primary incentive.

I believe this mix encapsulates all of this; and how could it not, it's djpretzel. Any mistakes he makes, he makes on purpose. He's just that good.

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if the production was a little more bombastic, i'd have sworn this was a eurobeat song. Somehow DJP has a european accent here? Strange, but it works.

I wish the percussion hit harder, and a little EQ changes, but damn, this was 2001, which is like, 5 years before I even considered remixing music, so maybe I should just shut it. ;-)

Pretty decent singing as well, and I liked the extended piano passage at the end.

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and don't stop. I just read your comment of 11 years ago as regards what your exgirlfriend said to you. anyone can sing if they practice. anyone good can become better. it's an ability learned, not born with, combined with feeling. if you can feel it, you can learn it. unless you have permanent damage or something like cancer.

I'm learning right now with (DON'T laugh, it's a very professionally compiled learning experience) Singing For Dummies. I recommend it, from a guy who used to scare and humor people with my (un)ability to sing to a guy who impresses people with it.

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You know, I'm going to be honest here, your voice works with this kinda of melody pretty damn well, actually. Soft and rolling with the beat, if that makes any sense. Love that piano. It may be old, but this ReMix holds up pretty well and there is feeling in it. Again, I am pro-fade out, so I can dig the ending, though if I had to nitpick, I'd wish the fade was just a little longer. Still, very good work, DJP.

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