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ISW Juggernaut Composer Contest - Results are in!


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The results are in!

To celebrate the upcoming release of our new flagship scoring library JUGGERNAUT: Cinematic Electronic Scoring Tools, we asked composers to write a piece in <2 weeks incorporating our free Cinematic Synthetic Drums library (the precursor to Juggernaut). It was VERY difficult to narrow these down to just a handful of our favorites, so we added both Runners-up and Honorable Mentions to represent some of the other wonderful compositions we enjoyed. Despite this, there were still tons of other amazing compositions, making it quite the challenge to figure out the winners.

You ALL have raised the bar. A huge THANK YOU to everyone that wrote and submitted something: we hope you are all proud of your work on a short deadline, and that you will enjoy both the free CSD and the FULL version of Juggernaut for years to come!


Judging: We considered composition, production, and overall creativity, which can shine through in many ways: how the free samples were used, unique arrangements, musical styles, or tonalities, etc. For example, the 1st place entry “TIKIPUNK” uses 100% CSD samples and some very imaginative re-processing, sampling and resynthesis to create a huge palette of tones. Quite inspiring!

1st Place receives JUGGERNAUT: Cinematic Electronic Scoring Tools, an ISW library of their choice, and a Google Nexus 7.

2nd and 3rd Places receive JUGGERNAUT: Cinematic Electronic Scoring Tools and an ISW library of their choice.

Runners-up receive JUGGERNAUT: Cinematic Electronic Scoring Tools.

Honorable Mentions receive a 30% discount for JUGGERNAUT!

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I can totally make it! Buuuut I'm gonna offer up the Nexus tablet to the second place winner if I happen to get first place, simply because I'm content with an iPad for my university stuff. ;)

Gonna be my first try at World Cinematic Glitch Chiptune. Time to see what EWQL RA can really do. : D

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I was just happy to finally get CSD to work in my Cubase finally, and then all of a sudden the sound stopped.

"Demo Timeout"

nooooooooo ! :/

Good luck have fun everyone

You can just use the WAVs directly in the drum sampler of your choice - directly in your DAW too. Go for it!

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I thought film scoring lends itself to acoustic, organic sounds. Acoustic instruments sound great with heavy processing for cinematic scores.

Anyway XPRT I just wanted to encourage you toward the contest because I like your work. Didn't mean anything else by it.

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No chance in hell that I'd actually win such a competition but I'm going to try because I have nothing to lose (except the contest).

Dignity went a long time ago.

heh, I feel the same way .. It's fun to try though (mostly); everything's a learning experience.

I just submitted. No confirmation or anything , I hope it went through?

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