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Torrent problem, is it just me?

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The numbers won't be in the file name, but they are in the file data. If you're using Windows, see if this helps:

Open the folder the music is in.

Right click --> View --> Details

At the top of the columns, where it says "Name", "Title", etc., right click again and make sure "#" is selected.

Edit: Oh. I think I completely misunderstood what you meant. Might be helpful for someone else....probably not. :P

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I like these other wrong answers. :lol: The FAQ link talks about removals, but doesn't explicitly talk about the numbering gaps (plus the anchor doesn't go right to that section since it's close to the bottom).

We probably should add the bit about numbering gaps with the ReMixes into the main FAQ though.

There are gaps in the numbering because we've removed many mixes from OC ReMix either by request or because they were violations of the standards here.

Here's the big list of removed stuff to detail the numbering gaps:


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