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OCR02726 - Chrono Trigger 'Devotio Aeternus'


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What!? When I saw that Darangen had a 7 years vacation (:P) I couldn't believe my eyes!!

Finally Home is still one of the song I listen to pretty often and I just could not believe it was that old already!! I would have said 2010, maybe 2009 but 2006!?!? I've been listening to that song for 7 years?? Wow..!!

This tells me it is without a doubt a classic for me!! :)

Glad to see you back Darangen!!

PS. Thanks for having made a Lufia remix, Lufia 1-2 are way to underrepresented here..

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So awesome to hear many great artists making a comeback in the past year, and I've missed Darangen's work so. Guitar work sounds better than ever, the actual arrangement is amazing and the production for the most part doesn't disappoint at all. Wonderful job blending two great themes together with your style of ass-kickery!

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Just now, eggsngaming said:

Soooo good! This remix rocks. VERY glad the guitar doesn't overpower the strings. If there was a Chrono Trigger anime back in the 90s, this definitely would've either been the main theme song, or the backing music when Crono and the party are wrecking fools.8)

Of course it's very possible that there WAS a CT anime already but I am blissfully unaware so :P

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