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Your favorite Musical Element (basslines, leads, countermelodies etc.)


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What musical device or element most fascinates you guys and why?

For me, It comes down to drum programming, and melodies. Im not so great at either of those so i find it amazing to see people who can make melodies and drum patterns that really click with a song. more specifically though, well tuned snares, and hi hats always draw me into a song.

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Melody. Although it's (usually) not the melody alone that does it for me, it's the biggest factor for me getting goosebumps from listening (which I really like).


Like that part for me the first times I heard it, just eargasm straight up.

Or Attack on Titan with the first opening (the second one too but not as much), the sung melody along with the lyrics is just the best to me, not to mention the instrumentation and structure of the song and the visuals of the opening, I just love it.

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