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OCR02795 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 'Ethereal Skies'


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A week ago:

"Hm, Sky Chase sounds lovely to do on solo piano. Perhaps I could experiment with this?"

Last night:

"Holy crap, Pumpkin King beat me to the punch! And he did good :O"

Seriously, I really like your piano performances in the Dwelling of Duels, and I'm so glad you managed to keep those skills sharp for OCR submission and all. Really proud of how far you've come!

Yeah, I too appear to be in the drowning verb camp with this, but it can also help a bit to high-pass the reverb as well to prevent the low-to-low-mids from getting all cluttered.

But the performance was nice and raw; very reminiscent of pu_freak's early work, and from what I saw of you developing a nice character in the DoD it could flesh out equally as well with other tracks outside of it.

Welcome to the clan! :)

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Thanks guys!

Rexy, I really appreciate the kind words! Especially coming from a talented pianist like yourself haha. I'm sure you could make a good version of this song as well. I will say that I've been getting better and better over the past few years with the piano. I'm kinda focusing on different stuff now and using my keytar, but there's nothing like sitting down with 88 keys and playing piano.

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Wow, how did I miss this the first time around?! It's a wonderful song for this kind of take. I feel like I'm wearing fine dress and sipping a drink while looking out the window of an airship, perhaps a zeppelin, while a master pianist caresses the ivories nearby. Airy, simple, sweet.

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So it might be unorthodox to come back and post a second comment on a remix, but I just wanted to let Joe know that I've been running this thing on repeat for awhile and it just sits better and better with me the more I listen.  I think an artist needs to know when their work is appreciated at the core, and it is!  Makes Monday morning a lot smoother.

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