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SZRC - The Sonic Zone Remix Competition 2014 [TheGuitahHeroe wins - complete ZIP available!]


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So... reviews!

ladyWildfire - Nice mood right from the beggining. Voices sound a bit rough (Sir Nuts said it well when calling them lofi) and the flanger like effect doesn't fit that well. Arrangement is a bit repetitive but I guess that is fitting for this style of music :razz:

Covenant - Vocals are mixed better in this one. Soundscape is more barren than wildfire's song though. The arrangement is also repetitive and the song is a tad short. It's very impressive for one of hour of work though :razz:

halc - I like the mood and instrumentation set from the beggining. Vocals are way too loud, making the arrangement hard to notice. It seems like a very good arrangement but the vocals being so loud make it hard for me to enjoy it much sadly :-|

Disambiguity - I like the mood (reminds me of Super Mario World's underground theme). Percussions are too quiet. Overall, this is an interesting song but it lacks more elements (like more variations or more instruments).

Sir Nuts - Bass synth is veeeeeeeeeeery loud. I love the idea behind the mix though, it's a very fun song and the vocals fit well (even though a few clips are a tad too loud too). It gets a bit crowded sometimes, but I guess just messing with the volumes of the tracks fixes it.

DJ Max-E - This is quite strange haha. I'm not honestly sure what kind of feedback I can offer to this... I think this works very good for what it tries to be.

Xenonetix - Intro is cool! (choir a bit loud though). Like others mentioned, drums really lack power and that kind of makes the song feel less exciting than it should.

Hakstock - This is so happy haha. Acoustic guitars sound very good. Violin is a cool idea but the sample sounds so fake (the "bend"-like articulation sounds terrible, but that isn't your fault :razz: ). Very good song!

Ryan Jobson - Nice mood right from the start, super smooth (I'd add a bit more reverb to the snare though). Arrangement is clearly more conservative than Hakstock's one, but it's a good arrangement, everything flows nicely. I like the synth work too.

Amphibious - I love the intro, the e. piano and the high-pitched synth are very cool. For some reason, I was expecting weirder harmonies in the 0:45 section, but it works fine now. Transition to the slow part is a bit weird because the drums hint at a fast section coming. Anyway, those are small nitpicks since this is very good!

Cash - Main lead doesn't work really well, it lacks presence next to the bass. By the way, bass work is pretty cool in this one. Drums are lacking a bit though, they could be more funky. Also, the snare is a bit too muted, add some reverb or something for more presence. A nice song!

SuperiorX - This is a nice song. I'm not 100% sure but it seemed like you used a lot more of Metropolis than Hot Crater. My only real criticism (besides that) is that I can't dig the snare sound, it sticks out a lot.

Trism - Very different from SuperiorX's take! I like the "evil"-ish mood you set at the beggining. However, how you mixed the songs really bothered me, it looks like you didn't check if the keys and tones of the notes match, and a lot of things sound weird (seems like you mixed a lot of major melodies in minor chords and that sounds very odd). For example, throwing Metropolis' bass line in 1:00 doesn't fit at all... Also, drums are a bit tiring, add more variations.

Some cool songs this round! A lot of vocals and smooth funk/jazz!

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The bones of my arrangement are finished, and the drums are pretty much set in stone. Got a lot of instrumentation done, but need some variations done. Need to finish writing the bridge, but it's bare-bonesed, at least.

Basically, I'm right where I expected to be right now. Jason Covenant is also working on contributing some vocals--the return of the Concrete Men is imminent, y'all!

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It's midweek-ish... how are the rest of you Robotniks doing on your mixes?

Getting there.

This will be the first remix I did where I split some of the instruments up via a multiband and saturated different parts of the patch. So far i am really having fun messing around with that technique.

Just wish I didn't have this habit of feeling like I need to keep changing my leads.

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Jeeze, just went through a whole bunch from of stuff today. Pretty much finished it, just have to go back and add things so it makes sense.

It's only a little above 3 minutes but this things goes a lot of places (compared to what I'm used to) It's pretty cool.

Hopefully it'll be in tomorrow.

edit: i don't think TGH usually post on the boards that much anymore so he wouldn't post about it here.. He works on music pretty fast though so if he forgot then that's another issue. That doesn't seem likely.

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So we're still missing any sign of life from DusK, Cosmic Sounds and TGH. Any contact outside of the board or anything?

I've talked to DusK and TGH outside the boards - all good. Cosmic Sounds posted in here in regards to downloading the Round 1 mixes, so I assume he's working on his match ;-) I am really really looking forward to all these Robotnik mixes!

SuperiorX - This is a nice song. I'm not 100% sure but it seemed like you used a lot more of Metropolis than Hot Crater. My only real criticism (besides that) is that I can't dig the snare sound, it sticks out a lot.

Meant to respond to this earlier... yeah I think the track definitely "sounds" more like a Metropolis Zone remix, but there is a healthy amount of Hot Crater in there too. The melody line in the first section (around 0:35) is playing a combination of the Metropolis melody with a bit of Hot Crater mixed in. There is a bouncy delayed background part playing throughout this section that is from Hot Crater. The middle section at 1:38 - 2:20 is entirely Hot Crater and then the final melody section at 2:30 has the Hot Crater B melody playing the harmony part behind the Metropolis A melody / Hot Crater A melody combo. Funny thing about that, is the Hot Crater B melody I wrote out in my DAW and was originally tying to work it into that middle section. I couldn't get it to fit and I got ticked off and dragged it out of the way (over to the right) and wrote the Hot Crater A melody section to play out there instead. Well when I was done working with that section, the song continued to play (I had already written out the end) and that Hot Crater B melody fit PERFECTLY as a harmony part behind the Metropolis melody. So that was actually completely random and completely awesome that it worked out.

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