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Super Smash Bros. Brawl


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I almost never get a chance to play Smash Bros competetively, so whenever I do, I get my butt handed to me... it kind of sucks. And, of course, training against computers actually tends to make me worse, because even the best computers are just predictable and cheap.

However, I find that switching characters can be really good at throwing off your opponents. If you're versatile enough to play different characters fairly well (as I am) it can take your opponent several matches to get used to your adjusted play style for the new character... giving you plenty of time to then switch to yet another character, and keep them off balance.

P.S. I hate Shiek.

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GO NOW~!!!

Nintendo just pulled a fast one at us. At an after-hours press briefing, the company pulled another ace out of its hat: Smash Bros. Brawl.

We have confirmed the following playable characters:

# Pit (Kid Icarus)

# Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

# Zero Suit Samus (Metroid)

# Meta-Knight (Kirby)

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Speculation time: Suitless Samus and Snake will have the same control style ala Captain Falcon/Ganondorf.

Remember how you played as Samus in the second half of Zero Mission? Think about it...

I don't think we see as many clone characters now...


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what about Wario?

"heh heh im-a wario! i'm going to win!"

its a no-brainer, think about it!

running-a = attack from gba game

mid-air down-a = bucket on other characters heads (wario's woods)

smash-b = gold coins he throws (he's always been greedy)

smash-a = moneybag hit! (again)

also he could have waluigi help him or ppl from his wario ware, ect.

he'll prolly be like bowser big and slow but strong.

imagen him with the baseball bat!

i can't wait for this game!

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I hate how Jigglypuff and Pichu "suck" more then the other characters... We need more friggin balance.!

You know, it just so happens that Jigglypuff is high tier, and above about 3/4 of the rest of the SSBM cast. Just thought I should point that out.

The thing that makes JPuff so good in SSBM is what's called her "Wall of Pain." Because JPuff has the best air maneuverability in the air (before puffing), you can easily move in and out of someone's attack range with your back facing the opponent and spam your back+A in the air. Once you attack after puffing while in the air, you deflate and regain your air manuverability so you can keep going and going.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and correct a misconception.

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Haha, I'm honored you think that. And by any chance, do I know you under a different name, Jam?

I am pretty sure I must, otherwise you probably wouldn't know who I am. Anyway, I saw videos for Wii at E3 and I read that SSBB had characters released. I checked here to see if the SSBM community thread was around, and I saw that this was started.

Anyway, congrats on pwning a Falco. I recently watched a tournament at my college and helped a friend warm up. My 2 friends placed 1st and 3rd with IC and Peach/Marth/Sheik, respectively. I only had an hour break between my work shifts, so I couldn't enter and participate, but I got to help in warm up and stuff.

I'm still playing Link, though my play style is very different from how it used to be, especially since the only competition I get is Peach/Marth/Doc. I've been having a lot of luck with my Falco and Ganondorf in a lot of matches in my recent (yet infrequent) gaming. Still having trouble against Marth with my Falco, though. =/ I'm not having good luck with my Roy, either. Mid-tier and below ftw. :P The most fun characters to play are the ones near the middle just because they have all sorts of weird quirks about them, like Link... >.>

Anyway, I eagerly await the release of Wii and S2B2. You can bet that I'm saving my money for it, and I might even enter the tournament scene once again, I'm not really sure.

As for whether competitive play beats "playing for fun" or not isn't important, but I'll tell you all one thing. Playing competitively is how some people (including me) play for fun. Without figuring some of the more complex things out about a game, it can get very superficial and boring. I'm not saying that playing for fun is a bad thing, if you're not having fun from playing the game, then you shouldn't be playing it. Just because some people are dedicated to learning and competing doesn't mean we're freaks or the people that don't play it competitively are stupid (although possibly ignorant and misinformed about various issues within the game).

The thing that makes playing competitively fun is that you are always learning something new about the game. As some of my friends have said "the moment you have nothing new to learn in a fighting game is the moment you should put it down and never play it again." Once there's nothing new to learn, the game becomes stale. I'm not talking about major discoveries like L-Cancelling, Wave Dashing, Jump Cancelling, etc., although all of those do count as possible material. What I'm mainly talking about are tactics and ideas that you can use in a game either for flash, or to be tricky, or to be cheap (there is no cheap in competitive play). Trying to figure out a way around a defensive player who seems to be unbeatable, trying to figure out how to play so you are never left vulnerable after attacks, etc. Learning stuff like that can be interesting, and there is always a lot of material in the SSB games to be discovered.

As for the tier list, it is highly dependent upon tournament settings which are generally no items, with only BattleField, FinalDestination, DreamLand64, and a few other stages (specific to some tournaments). The reason everything else is pretty much disabled is because having a random factor allows for serious upsets to occur, such as someone getting killed by an exploding crate that appears in on top of them as they are performing a smash attack (a specific example that happened so frequently in tournaments that items were finally banned from all big tournaments).

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I used to be Rags when you were still around. When I first started getting into SSBM competitively, your Link guide was the first guide I ever read. I never really played as Link, but it was so good that I took the non-character specific tips and incorporated them into my game.

I've been playing competitively for a while. I went to a tournament a few weeks ago, and it turned out to be a pretty good deal. Jinx, Unknown Force and PC Chris showed up, along with a few other well known people and tons of less-well known but still good players. I did fairly well. I was knocked into the losers bracket after my first fight, but pulled off three consecutive victories before being eliminated by Unknown Force. Like you said, I find that playing competitively is the most fun, but I do like to mess around with my friends in Super Sudden Death with 50 stock :P .

I've been trying a few different characters, since I feel like the best way to beat an opponent is to know how to play with his character. But I usually rely on Roy, Ice Climbers, and Luigi for tournaments. I've always had a hard time against Falcos, but I'm getting better against them. A new character I've had difficulty against is Peach. One of my good friends that I train with has an awesome Peach, and he would beat me pretty consistently. So I just started using Marth as a counter-character for Peach, and that's working out really well.

Needless to say, I'm extremely excited about the new SSB, and I'll definitely be first in line to pick it up.

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