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Jazz appreciation thread anyone?

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That being said, regular jazz that has moments or segments of free form jazz can be very enjoyable.

This agrees with the idea that a general effective technique in music (throughout centuries, really) is beginning with more accessibly written material (more tonal, less dissonance), following with tonally turbulent material (changing or lacking tonal center, more dissonance), and then restating the earlier material (with possible modification for ending, or it stays the same like in rondo form).

It just so happens that in jazz, the middle section (all the solo choruses) takes up the large portion of the performance time.

Also, I like that Song of Storms jazz remix. The accompaniment reminds me of Coltrane's cover of My Favorite Things (that's where my ear wants it to go).

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Anyone else got into the latin jazz stuff via The Sims? Jazz infused Salsa or Samba, Bossa Nova, that stuff.

I like how a lot of it excels at something i'd call concealed complexity. Like, really smooth and fluid compositions to the point where some might call it fluff. Pretty accessible or even infectious to most people though, yet there is a lot under the hood if you listen closer...like when you analyze it a little, you sometimes think "wow, shouldn't that sound harsher and jarring by the notes? Why's it so damn smooth?"

A good reminder that notes are only one part of what makes up a tune, maybe.

Found this guy from Seattle on SC, he's awesome at these styles: https://soundcloud.com/datroof

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How about some understated European jazz?

Lars Danielsson:

Esbjörn Svensson Trio:

Tord Gustavsen Trio:

Jan Garbarek:

Eberhard Weber: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUsQNXIGR1M

Also, for Xelebes: if you don't like horns, have you tried piccolo bass? (No, not the electric variety...)

Ron Carter:

Isao Suzuki:

All the scandi names made me remember a good one: Nils Petter Molvaer! Acid Jazz/Future Jazz or whatever you wanna call it.

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WOW, the Esbjörn Svensson Trio is right up my alley. Thanks so much for the recommendation

Those guys are awesome. I was going to see them when they came to Toronto a few years back; his (Esbjorn, the pianist's) scuba diving accident and death happened about 6 days before they were going to play here. I recommend their Live In Hamburg album as their best.

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This thread should be renamed 'Music to have sex to', LOL!

I found out about a woman in Germany named Clara Hill. She's got mad soul and her music is pretty deep. Her song Endlessly is 'all for you'. :wink: Then there's Anita Baker, who's more on the 80s RnB side:

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Also, I like that Song of Storms jazz remix. The accompaniment reminds me of Coltrane's cover of My Favorite Things (that's where my ear wants it to go).

Thought I'd revive this old thread. Thanks Neblix, I'm glad you heard that because Coltrane was actually my inspiration for this chart!

While we're on the subject of OCR jazz pieces, I can never get enough Shnab...

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Yay, jazz! Next to classical, it may be my favorite genre of music. In general, I think higher of instrumental music than lyrical. That's definitely the case with jazz, where singers tend to make me almost immediately switch the station/skip the track.

Would you like something like this? It's 12/8 jazz with vocals :lol:

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Technically Manhattan Transfer is a jazz group. They've done some pretty corny stuff but they're one of the more important vocal jazz groups of the last 50 years.

Really? This particular song sounds like rock more than anything. I can see the vocal jazz in it, but it feels more like a specific element than the style of the whole song.

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