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OCR02892 - Metroid II 'The Unnamed Frontier'


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I'm happy that Metroid II is getting some love. I agree that this theme is underrated (along with the game itself IMO), though it's probably partially because the game is pretty musically sparse (not to mention squished practically to non-existence between two behemoth titles).

Wasn't sure about what to expect from the guitar solo, considering the more relaxed nature of the remix, but it turned out to be quite tasteful (I should never have doubted ;-)). Props to Viking G. for that, and to PPP for a great mix.

Hadn't heard about the 101% run. Looks like I've got some music to download.

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After I had downloaded the 101% Run album and was drawn to this track. This is such a beautiful track. The piano sections are really down well and enjoy the overall chill nature of this piece. The guitar work towards the end by Guitar of the Vikings blends in really well. Awesome work here.

If you had a hard days work, pop this song on your radio and relax for a moment. It will melt that stress away. ;)

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