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Vampire Variations: Volume III - History


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Welcome to the Vampire Variations : Volume III Project!

This final album will be the final act of the Vampire Variations trilogy started in 2011, and will focus on the atmospheric and outstanding fan-favorite soundtrack of Super Castlevania IV (SNES). The project is officially endorsed by OverClocked ReMix and KNGI, and will (tentatively) be released on October 31, 2015 as an official OCR album.


The album is done -- stay tuned for its release and more exciting stuff! :)

Aim & Genre

The aim of the project is to accompany Simon Belmont's battle against darkness with great arrangements from the whole soundtrack. We are telling this epic storywith music, and I really want people to feel it through the album.We are creating an epic and emotional journey.

The arrangements should contain orchestral instruments, but all genres are welcome. For instance, you can do a metal or a dubstep remix, as long as they contain orchestra iinstruments or influences. I can provide help with such instruments (samples only).

Recruitment, Deadlines & Tracklist

To claim a track on the project, two separate ways exist:
- You're a posted remixer: you can claim a track without auditionning
- You're a non-posted remixer: I want you to show me a concept for a track you'd like to claim. Previous works are also welcome as a supplement.

Deadlines will be coming soon, but the final one will be around August 2015. So be sure you can have your track(s) done by that time! Since we have around one year to get it done, don't be surprised that I send multiple reminders for updates regularly. All information about artists, tracks, deadlines, etc. can be found on my public spreadsheet:

NEXT DEADLINE: Feb 22, 2015


Here's a list of people who wish to help you on a mix. I can add you here if you tell me so, and if you add what skill(s) you're offering.
- Chernabogue: orchestra/drums programming
- Tuberz McGee: lots of live instruments (guitar, bass, etc.)
- XPRTNovice: live flute, clarinet, saxophones, trumpet, guitar, mandolin, or farting noises
- Furilas: live bass
- timaeus222: Electric and synth bass (especially dark bass wobbles), Electric guitar (rhythm, maybe lead, depending on the track), Countermelodic elements, or ear candy filler, Cinematic textures, impacts, sweeps, risers, etc., Standard orchestral strings stuff (staccato, legato, pizzi, etc)

Note to VV1 & VV2 Artists

With VV3 coming to OCR, I decided the first two volumes should be re-released along the third one as OCRI albums. The whole trilogy deserves a truly epic release!

However, this cannot happen without the consent from ALL the artists from the two previous volumes.
You can sign here. Don't forget to tell me, so I can add you on my sheet (page 2). VV3 artists will eventually have to do this in the future as well.

Prepare your holy water bottles one final battle! Dracula returns for the last time! ;-)

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Collabing with Eino?

Man, that's strange. Have we ever done that before? :P

You guys should totally find a cool band name like "The SuperFuzz Bros." :lol:

Also, I added deadlines to the holy spreadsheet of doom: 1st one is december, then every two months until August! We can do it! :)

If you know people who may be interested in taking part in the project, let them know! :wink:

(Yes, I end almost all my sentences with smileys :lol:)

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Multi-quote power, go!

I might have an idea for Room of Close Associates, but I'm not yet sure if I can pull it off. 6/8 is not my strong time signature :P

Go ahead and show me a WiP. :) I recon it's far from being the easiest source from the game!

Does a single grand piano count? :lol:

Yes, it does! A piano solo may be a nice break as it was in VV2! :)

I have a hunch that Room of Close Associates might fit in well with Treasury Room, so can Yami and I claim it at the same time?

So far, I'd prefer to keep 1 source/1 remix. But if you only do a "little" cameo of RoCA into your mix, it's okay. As long as using another track doesn't make it the "main" source of your remix, you're good to go. :)

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For now, I'd prefer to have all the soundtrack being arranged, than having multiple takes on the same source, especially if it is "Simon's Theme" since this one has already been remixed so many times. :wink:

The same goes for artist claims, I'd prefer people to work on one track at the time, and to claim another one once they're done, rather than having them working on two tracks at the same time.

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For now, I'd prefer to have all the soundtrack being arranged, than having multiple takes on the same source, especially if it is "Simon's Theme" since this one has already been remixed so many times. :wink:

I only used Simon's Theme as an example, I didn't want to claim it or anything, sorry for the possible misunderstanding :roll:

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