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Zone Runners (NEW ALBUM IS OUT!)


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GET RUNNING, OCTOBER 13th on OverClocked Records, Loudr and iTunes!

Hey everyone! After two long years, DiGi Valentine and I have finally completed our debut album as the vocal hip-hop duo Zone Runners. It contains 11 remixes spanning 9 different Sonic games, chronicling the (often mischievous) capers of halc the hedgehog and Valentine the Rabbit as they run through your favorite Zones.

Check the links below for teasers; more to come over the next two weeks as we get near the release. :D

ZR emblem designed by Lynne Triplett aka TRiPPY. Character illustrations by David "InstantSonic" Spencer and Kat "Chehaya" Khaled. :nicework:

Teaser 1:

Teaser 2:

Teaser 3:


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Haha, I reconginze the last track :D Great album, guys. Hope to hear more from you in the future :)

EDIT: listened to this album a lot of times. Probably, my favorite track is Aquatic Lagoon. Just chill with me, chill with me, chill with me, chill with me, chill with me, chill with me, chill with me, chill with me, chill with me... So awesome. I'd like to have all the lyrics as well. BTW, what's the original of Crazy Mofo?

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