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OCR03030 - Metroid Prime 3 'Entropic Dream'


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Really exceptional take on a fantastic source, this shows a tremendous amount of growth beyond your previous arrangements... not that your previous solo piano takes were bad by any means. However, the subtle use of ambiance and effects that helps highlight and support (but never overshadow) your performance really sets this apart from your past work and makes it so memorable. Excellent work!

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Are you serious right now? How in the world did I miss this?!

That intro is so smoooooooth. The deep drone and the distant piano-like reversed/bowed pad is so cool. The metallic granular FX in the background (might sound like a shopping cart if you stretch your mind a bit) is also a really subtle but apt ear candy.

Honestly, one of the best contemplative pieces I've ever heard. The soundscape is just spot-on.

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