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Christmas Loot Thread 2014


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Tea from Secret Santa.

4 extra hours overtime from work. (Getting paid for another 8 ontop of that 4 i actually work so yeah that's a gift.)

100 for mom.

More tonight. (Probably)

Cant wait to see what comes tomorrow.

Forgot one.

Early Christmas Gift to myself 32 inch Vizio Smart Television and Dish network =)

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clothes, clothes and more clothes :-P

Today I looted a cool $100 and an AKAI MPKmini (still waiting on the AKAI website to start working again so I can register it and nab all the downloadables). I also got a roomy SPIGEN New Coated Backback 2, which I really need since my old bookbag has bit the dust (I've been using it since middle school, so I'm glad it survived this long). I'll probably gift myself with a physical copy of bLiNd's newest album as well.

I also gifted myself with Mega Man V, VI, and VII for the Wii U Virtual Console, along with Shovel Knight (again for Wii U). Holy shit is that game fun, and the music is top notch.

Oh! Can't forget my OCR Secret Santa stuff:

Four cool CD albums: Three by Flexstyle (Eye of the Storm, Don't Try This At Home, Trace Vector OST), and one copy of Porter Robinson's "Worlds", as well as a couple of Don't Try This At Home stickers and a Flexstyle wristband/bracelet... thing.

I'll update when I have my second Christmas with my family tomorrow night (Secret Santa round 2!).

tumblr_nh484pjgwj1rbeu21o1_1280.jpgI'm not sorry


more clothes.

Merr crismas!

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Thus far:

3DS Luigi Case

Amazon gift card

Wii U Pro Controller

Hammerwatch (Steam game)

Miracle on 34th Street

The Godfather Trilogy

Back to the Future Trilogy

Nvidia GTS450 (a replacement for my GTX260 to enable DX11 games)

Piano Guys CD x4

Gingerbread Twix, Toffee flavored Andes chocolates ("mint" shaped but no mint, tastes like butterscotch)

$100 check (thanks, parents! Addie got one too, so $200 total to help us pay moving expenses / bills...or buy more Wii U games, haha)

More to come when Addie's family arrives tomorrow...

Update: Got a Zelda Amiibo and NES Remix Pack for Wii U from the inlaws -- the latter highly recommended if you kick a lot of ass at old games.

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My "loot" consists of:

Simba plush

Gund bear with mustache plush

Snorlax plush

Nichijou pillow

Graphic Sharka t-shirt from Hawaii

A couple nice light sweaters

A fleece jacket

Travel sleeping kit (eye-mask + ear plugs)

An art print


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for 3DS

But honestly I'm just happy that I made a lot of new friends this year and enjoyed my time with the ones I already have. Really couldn't ask for more than that.

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This year I got:

A three-piece luggage set that will come in handy for when I go to MAGFest.

A ticket to see the Blue Man Group perform in March.

A couple Forgotten Realms books.

A belt that I sorely needed.

A Samus Amiibo.

$55 worth of Nintendo eShop funds. Already used some of that on getting Shovel Knight and Mega Man Battle Network on Wii U.

And various types of candy and money.

I'm very grateful for everything I received this year and I'm glad that the gifts I got everyone were appreciated as well.

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Thus far, I've gotten these things:

- A nice, tidy sum of cash (much needed)

- pajama pants

- t-shirt

- 3 packs of caramel Digestive Biscuits (UK friends will know what I'm talking about :-D)

- carrying case for my Akai MPK49

- Barnes and Noble gift card, fairly large

- a couple of coffee mugs (which I collect)

- my little sisters got me a spatula and some measuring spoons, which was quite thoughtful of them as I'll be moving out and in need of such things soon

- black licorice wheels

- coupon for a nice dinner (with guest) at my sister's house.

- Iguana Deuces golden habanero pepper hot sauce

- Coffee Bean gift card

- four giant volumes of sci-fi/fantasy short stories courtesy of Secret Santa, The Damned.

All of which is very much appreciated, and makes me feel incredibly, unjustifiably loved by many, many people. :-D :-D

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-A lot of political theory texts (Paine, Hobbes, Thoreau, Rousseau, etc.)

-Saga Volume 3

-Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley

-A vacuum pot and half a pound of coffee

-A tin of European chocolates

-A neat protective case and cleaning kit for my Wii U gamepad

-An X-men beer glass, an Iron Man shot glass, and a Hulk shot glass

-A bottle of Very Bad Elf English Pale Ale

-The Sunshine blu-ray set

-A nice shirt and a nicer hooded sweater

-Good times

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