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OCR03069 - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team 'Times Like These'

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This is pretty neat. I think it could have used a stronger melodic focus (maybe a little sparse here and there on the higher energy parts) and more of a low-mids presence in the bass, but otherwise this is really fun work here. We should collab sometime.

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Ah, yes, DnB with a vibe that could be traced to Pendulum. Well, I'm already sold. Then throw out there that TGH was the one that did it and with a source from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and hell, the enjoyment factor is a foregone conclusion. Let's face it, he ReMixed it, he nailed it, and he's going home with it. The production sounds great and I love the feel of this arrangement. Great job.

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I like this remix a lot (it's almost as good as "Secretive Terrors"). Also I'm one of the few who preferred the original Pokemon Mystery Dungeon to Explorers (I found original's fun and whimsical feel to be more enjoyable than the sequel's dark, edgy, almost nihilistic feel). Keep up the good work.

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