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OCR03241 - Final Fantasy VII "Honour, Pride, Green Tea"


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I like this! An original take on a familiar source, and I have to admit some admiration for how you found an instrument selection that seems to enhance the feel of what was already there. At parts it really reminds me of Okami, which is a very good thing. The mix starts pretty close to the vest, but 2:15-3:15 really shows some flair and some nice overlaying of melody and harmonies. No idea what Tuberz was going on about, unless they're trolling - this is a really good piece and even more impressive as a debut!

Well done!

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Man, this is pretty sweet dude.

I can distinctly remember playing this whole segment in Final Fantasy VII, and it's cool how close you kept it to the original, while giving it a little more oriental flare. Congrats on getting your first solo post on OCR!

P.S. Happy belated birthday!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03241 - Final Fantasy VII "Honour, Pride, Green Tea"
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This is really cool! I liked the original enough as it was (especially the remastered Native American sounding version), but giving it this Oriental makeover was fun to hear because I'm also a huge fan of this kind of arrangement style and Eastern instruments. Sounds elegant and comfortably soothing, a fantastic solo ReMix indeed. This one really made me smile.

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A lovely remix of a great song. I like it a lot because of the instrument arrangement that live up to the original and improve it even further.

However there is something that flaws my joy when listening to it. And it's hard for me to describe it because I neither am a native English speaker/writer, nor am firm in musical terminology. I give it a try anyway and hope that it's understood as constructive criticism.

The "bass" accompaniment that starts at 1:01 differs from the original, resulting in a different harmonic together with the lead. Maybe it's not even "wrong". In the end this is a remix, not a 1:1-cover and Tuberz McGee might have intentionally chosen it. But to me it sounds off, because my brain is used to the original so much, that it expects a different harmonic. If I am not mistaken, then the difference is on the second stroke, where in the original is goes up, but in this remix it goes down. Maybe there are other differences. I am having a hard time to tell.

As already mentioned above I still like the remix, but I would die .... wait a moment, no ... I would kill ... erm ... no, not even that. But I would love to listen to a version of this song where the harmonics are exactly as in the original. I know it's not going to happen. I am just dreaming a bit. :)

Still thank you very much for creating this nice remix and sharing it with us.

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