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OverClocked ReMix Design ?'s and Issues


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For some reasons some threads only display as a white page, such as these, and ones like this give me things akin to "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 9017 bytes) in /home/ocremix/public_html/forums/showthread.php on line 1275"

What could be wrong?

Those are pretty large threads, but we'd need more information.

What browser(s) is this occurring in and what OS are you using?

Are you able to replicate this error every single time?

Need some more intel!

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Maybe there's a memory leak. Are all the unused pointers deleted before termination of the coding? If a pointer is leftover and unusable, it had already allocated memory that is now inaccessible, and that memory goes toward the available memory.

Those threads loaded for me, though, and I'm just on Safari on an iPad 2.

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Most likely related to recent upgrade of Apache/PHP/MySQL. In this case, PHP 5.3 vs. PHP 5.2 is probably the differentiator, since the actual vBulletin code hasn't changed.

I have increased the PHP memory limit from 32M to 64M. If this was the underlying cause, doubling it should completely eliminate the problem.

If this issue occurs again, please include a datetime stamp so I can correlate with logs, but we SHOULD be good with this tweak in place...


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I'm on Chrome for Windows (7) and I'm not having an issue. Is it visible in other browsers? Seems potentially difficult to replicate.

No problems on Firefox, and it's there in the page source on Chrome, just not displaying:

<div class="smallfont" id="logininfo">

<!-- breadcrumb, login, pm info -->

<div class="smallfont">
<strong>Welcome, <a href="member.php?u=43292">hakstock</a>.</strong>.

<a href="private.php">Private Messages</a>: Unread 0, Total 220.


<!-- / breadcrumb, login, pm info -->

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