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OCR01501 - Chrono Cross "Reminiscence of Feelings"

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Sweetness, I've wanting to hear some good orchestrations for awhile. All the lil melodies and backdrops and the variation in the arrangement is really what makes this an exsceptionally good orchestral piece.

Oh yeah, djp was wandering why the name 'Vampire Hunter Dan'...maybe it's a play off the old anime movie 'Vampire Hunter D'...? Who knows, thats what I always thought Dan got the name from.

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If I remember correctly, Doris' little brother in the original "Vampire Hunter D" was named "Dan". I assumed the inference was that Dan was inspired by D and grew up to become a Hunter himself. I've always meant to ask and never quite gotten around to it...

BTW, awesome mix! Some skillful orchestration and good use of the original source material. I really liked the music from Chrono Cross and was glad to see it get some recent coverage. :)

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I've always been a big fan of VHD and he DEFINITELY has not lost his touch. I agree with DJP with the focus on balance throughout, because there is a constant, flowing wall of sound during almost all of the piece. Great stuff, I only regret getting it once a year. Well, kinda like Christmas. In late August.

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I like it... sounds kind of Baroque, but not exactly what I expected when I saw the description. The harpsichord doesn't stick out, which is good, since it hardly ever does in Baroque orchestral music (seems that it's usually brass or strings, which is how you orchestrated as well - I'm guessing you have lots of experience with this sort of music). The samples could be a bit better, but I was never one to quip over that, since anyone can perform it later on better instruments if you're releasing the sheet music.

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I love the source theme, and VHD does a pretty good job of genre-shifting it to an orchestral version. The mix walks a very fine line between intimate and grandiose, and though i think some of the samples seem a little too synthetic (most notably some of the lower end strings), the overall results are very well crafted and engaging.

The expansion of some of the chords is very skillful and creative, and I think it takes the source to the next level in several areas. The harpsichord sounds great as well, and adds a nice texture to the generally legato proceedings. There is a short section that sounds especially inspired with some double time tuned percussion (it's not marimba I don't think? i'm not completely sure..) about 1/3 through. Percussion is sparse and used as punctuation, and the section that features the harpsichord has an excellent tempo change, and a gradual buildup that ever so slightly puts on the brakes before you start to expect an bombastic explosion, and it leads you to new territory.

VHD does an excellent job on a beautiful source, there's really a lot to love here.

Highly recommended.

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