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Welcome to new judges, Big Giant Circles and pixietricks!


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Not sure why there has to be so much controversy. I thought that being a girl got you a "no bullshit" pass. I guess those are the old days.

pixietricks is more than capable. Larry's on the panel and everyone loves him. He doesn't know shit about music. But he's more than qualified to be a judge, no? I'm confident that pixietricks knows more about music than most considering her education. Just because she's small doesn't means she should be tossed aside. Afterall, she may loves this site and community more than anyone, and isn't that someone you'd want to be in charge of said site and community?

Gotta stop the judge hate. However, feel free to keep hating the judge's panel.

Who the fuck is BGC?! ;)

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Hurray and congrats to pixietrix and BGC, as the congrats from the whole OCR community keeps piling up this will be the first of the second months well-wisher, ya, i joined today, just to say the above (sad i know) but ive been a Huge fan of OCR ever since it launched and registered to start pratteling about the music I've listened to. plus tender my appreciation to the judging panel for their hard work and long hours for the benefit of us listeners. Ive heard that the panel may be dissolved, if that happens :evil: i will hunt down djp and hit him over the head with a tire-iron, but i wont feel good afterwards. Anyway im a n00b on this post, so im { 8) }


I rule

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