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Welcome to new judges, Big Giant Circles and pixietricks!


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Aw man, Compyfox is so gonna be pissed.


I congratulate you both however. I may be skeptical on Jill however given that I've yet to see her use anything other than her voice (no links to Prayer plz), but I'm sure she'll provide a good sugar coating to the panel with her feminine charm. And I also love BGC's music too; amazing what he can do to help add some life to the otherwise lifeless Slayer, right?

Now get to work :D

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For the record, the process that goes into selecting a judge isn't simply "who do we like? let's make them a judge!" If that was the case, we'd have a whole lot of people on the panel that currently aren't. We chose bgc and pixietricks from a pool of about eleven candidates, several of which were not offered a test evaluation batch, and seven of which were. They were asked to write full writeups of eight mixes as if they were actually judging them. As a panel, we then went through each and every test batch (which took quite awhile), discussed them thoroughly, and interviewed some of the candidates further. We then selected two batches that we thought to be the strongest, bgc and pixie's. They were easily able to provide specific and constructive criticism on all of the mixes and gave decisions that were in line with those that the actual panel gave. Based on this, we thought they would be ideal choices for our panel. But just to be sure, we talked about the matter further and each got a majority vote and Dave's approval before we brought 'em on.

In short, they proved themselves to be the best of the best, and they earned their spots. Rexy, you can talk all day about how pixietricks "hasn't used anything but her voice" (not true) but in the end, we don't give a damn. Same goes for the people scratching their head at BGC - if you haven't heard of him, so what? Most people hadn't heard of Harmony either. Doesn't mean they can't evaluate ReMix subs. You don't become a judge because you have tons of ReMixes, or even ReMixing talent in the case of Larry. You become one if you're good at the job. Both Jill & Jimmy showed us that they are. Simple as that.

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I got the impression CotMM was busy with a new project. If its as good as his last alb(l)um, I'm stoked. I <3 CotMM. I do wish he would do more collabs though - Dreams in Red was amazing.

Anyways, those of you who haven't checked out BGC's work should definatly do so. He's one of the best electro dudes around these parts.

And Rexy, I highly doubt Pixie using nothing but her voice, whether this is true or not, is going to affect her judgin'. Though Zircon could have been a little more polite pointing that out.

Now, get to work on the queue, Judges!

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First and foremost, I was not attacking Jill, neither do I have hard feelings for her. I was just being a little analytical in what she's provided music-wise, that's all. Though, I've come to understand your words on that her test batch writeups were impressive so I hope I'll see her providing some good public writeups too.

Once again, I want to wish both her and Jimmy the best of luck on their time serving on the panel. Hopefully they'll serve the site well :)

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