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OCR03338 - Chrono Trigger "Punk Hairdo Kid"

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03338 - Chrono Trigger 'Punk Hairdo Kid'

I'm no music master, but you crushed all the stated goals of the writeup. Man, this feels like it walked right out of the mid-to-late 80's and plopped down right on my computer. Absolutely enjoyable and fun. Super props for 2:15-2:30; would have been totally legit to end the song there if you wanted. Loved it!

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Great writeup for a great mix. I'm only now coming to appreciate how much knowing the context of a song's submission really adds to its enjoyment, especially as in cases like this, where it represents a gestalt fusion of nostalgia, sentiment, and passion. Funky, fresh, satisfyingly slick but also still 'grainy' (dat lo-fi goodness).


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I have always had a interest in the 80s style of music. It's sort of a mashup of different styles and instruments that you would think may not work out well, but yet it does. Within the first (about) five seconds into this song I instantly got that 80s music vibe. Even though I was born in the 90s and enjoy Orchestral music as my favorite type, there is something about a 80s synth that you just can't beat (or not dance to it's beat). And when you have multiple synths, it's even more interesting and fun. This song not only does 80s music (or what much of common day pop culture thinks 80s music is, like Kung Fury Ha ha ha), but also does the original song from the Chrono Trigger game (same name the game has but is the song) incredible justice.

It's not everyday I could get down and boogie to a video game song that is remixed, but throw that 80s feel and vibe into it and you might have my Moon Walking like good ol' Michael Jackson. Great job on this classic song, and may your Wings of Time carry you far into your future of success.

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Damn this is insanely cool. 80's vibe nailed perfectly.

I didn't dig the chord at 1:03 sadly but the lead that comes after makes up for it. The synth/sax (both?) is so good.

If you allow some nitpicking, I didn't like the synth solo at the fade-out. Way too much arpeggios and no melody. Unfitting for such a stylish song!

80's should be added to the tags. There are few remixes in that style (I remember the JENOVA one) but they're damn good.

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I haven't been here for a while.... a long while. Partly due to work, partly due to being in grad school, but I told myself that one day, I'd get back into OCR'ing. I think you just did it for me with this. ABSOLUTELY EPIC. You have shown me that even the most overplayed theme can have fresh life breathed into it with a little extra spice. You sir, get the playing outside the music box award (sounds cooler than thinking outside the box).  

WELL DONE!!! Badass. Just plain badass.



Did I mention I love this? Okay. Just checking.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03338 - Chrono Trigger "Punk Hairdo Kid"

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