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Hey guys. I'm back. Been busy and just now trying to resolve the issue again. Unfortunately, everything I've checked out and tried according to what you guys have linked has simply not worked at all. I keep getting the same error every time I restart Logic X before the project opens up where it says it's failed to open up the Super Audio Cart library. And then yeah, no library there. It's getting incredibly frustrating and I have absolutely no clue what's wrong.

Is there a certain place I'm supposed to put the Super Audio Cart folder? It said only to open up the "part 1.rar" as the second one is installed automatically through part 1? Just wanna double check there's no issues there. But I just put the Super Audio Cart folder in my Documents because the installation document said I could put it wherever I please, which I did admittedly think was a little weird.

I'm just so unbelievably lost as to why on earth nothing is working here. Lots of the solutions you guys linked unfortunately don't really relate to the situation I'm having here, especially the one regarding Shreddage II. Not the same situation here. I see no library xml file for Super Audio Cart in the Service Center folder except for Kontakt 5 App.xml. I deleted that and it told me that it'll ask me what to do when I reopen Kontakt in Logic and to click Activate. Well when I click Activate it tells me something isn't working and that's that... so like, Kontakt just seems to hate me or something. I'm so clueless.

Does anyone else run Super Audio Cart on Logic X on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan? Also, this is Kontakt Player 5.5.2 and I use a Late 2013 Mac Pro. Just to clarify.

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When I installed it, I put it in an external HDD, so it shouldn't matter too much what the parent directory is. For me, I have it as F:\Storage\Kontakt Library\Kontakt 5 Library\Super Audio Cart, and the Data, Documentation . . . subfolders and the Super Audio Cart.nicnt file are in that Super Audio Cart folder. Have you tried simply deleting Super Audio Cart completely, re-unzipping the files, and refreshing Logic X to try to detect it again?

Also, is it possible for you to record a video of what you do when this occurs? Sometimes it's easier to get what the issue is when we see what's going on rather than when we read some text.

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