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All Time Hardest Boss

The Coop

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The final boss, or should I say final "bosses" from Eternal Darkness was kinda hard. It was, to me, one of the nicest recent boss level I played.

I know somebody already mentioned this but yeah, Sonic Adventure 2 Biolizard boss was pretty tough too [nice music on that level btw].

This isn't a boss level but I thought I would never get past the Fear Test on Starfox Adventures! Plus, I was kinda disappointed with the final boss on that game.. :roll: Tres easy final boss I thought..but it was still a cool game.

Has anybody ever played Sword of the Berserk for Dreamcast? The FIRST stupid boss that looked like a bull?! Gawd, my fingers had blisters from that one! I thought it was pretty hard for the FIRST boss...

And I had a tough time on Code Veronica with the Tyrant from the cockpit. It took me a while to evade/shoot it/then push the button for that box thingy to push him off the plane..but I did it one day while I wasn't trying too hard and succeeded.. 8)

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The Song "FreQ Out" - the last song on Frequency (well there's two hidden ones but I haven't played them yet...). This song has been going in my head for weeks and I've tried to beat it constantly, but to no avail.

Otherwise, ME! Sephiroth!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! :twisted:

A few pages back I said this, and got a few replies about how easy Sephiroth is. To all of you: IT WAS A JOKE.

<<<Notice the name, good sirs?

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Hardest boss? Tough call.

Me, personally, I'd have to say Giygas, from EarthBound.

Not only does his first form have an impenetrable shield that bounces your attacks back at you, but he has all of Ness' powers to boot.

And that's just his first form. Then his second form, his attacks have no form that can be understood, so the effect isn't known until the attack hits you.

Besides the fact that you have to fight your way past Atomic Power Robots, Ultimate Octobots, and swarms of Ghost of Starman in order to reach him.

Thank the makers for the Pray command...

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I beat the ROM of Rockman and Forte ages ago with both characters (I believe), and I didn't find anything about that game very challenging...

But it's kind of irritating: Bass is better than Megaman in almost every espect in that game. Sure, he may not have a charge shot and can't shoot while he runs, but he has rapid-fire...and the dash...There was no balance between characters.

Oh, and Culex isn't from any Final Fantasy game. (I was wrong. So sue me.) In fact, Culex's opening speech was supposed to openly mock the FF series' drama and such.

(And they deserve to be mocked, especially by Nintendo...Putting "Here lies Link" on the tombstone in the Japanese FF1...Bastards...)

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Panzer Dragoon Orta -- The gigantic warship in the 8th level (I think) took me soooo long to beat, simply because his second form has this electric field jazz dealy that was really hard to avoid... But once you switch to glide wing and hit up and down really quick... he's a breeze

--Until you get to the final boss! It's second form tears my ass up because it has an undodgeable attack (as near as I can figure). It simply seems to mock all your hard work by presenting you with a nigh-undefeatable attack. *Sigh*, I suppose I must rent the game again.

Vagrant Story -- Any boss battle that was determined on how well you could deflect half of a fatal attack at any given moment. Practically every boss fight with a magic user was russian roulette between you and the circle button. *shudder*

Any end boss to a King of Fighters game

The end guy to Last Blade 1... 2 I can handle

Mario Sunshine -- The eel boss at the bottom of the waterfall. Good god... why do the japanese hate us soooooo?!!

I think that's about it. Ohhh the horror..


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O-kay. I'm probably the only person who will ever say that this boss was tough....

Dracula at the end of Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

I can't beat this shithead. I have a decent number of the cards and so forth, but no combination seems to allow me to get past his second form. Oh his first form is quite easy. But his second form? Hands me my ass everytime.

I learned how to dodge the attack where he shoots across the screen quickly, I manage to avoid the bats or whatever the hell they are most of the time. But I can never seem to get in more than one or two shots every minute. No matter how long I last, that floating eyeball out lives me.

Someday I'll figure it all out, and I'll probably kick myself for not realizing it sooner as it'll likely be something painfully simple. But for right now, I just watch that poor little dimly lit dude die again and again :lol:

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Back in my newby gamer days in Elementary School I was stuck on "Zio" from Phantasy Star 4 for like 4 months. I had no clue and suddenly one day I got lucky and beat him.

Also one of the most confusing times in a game was Shining Force 2, where to advance any futher , you had to some how come up that the "wood chunk" you picked up in a random ancient temple fit into this randomass tree with a generic "hole" in it were the key to getting the Achilles Sword. I leveled up my guys so damn high doing so many battles trying to figure out what to do, the rest of the game was easy because of it, hehe.

hahaha, just read your post about dark forces from PS3, yes that was fucking hard!!!! I even had trouble with the PS4 one with 'burstroc' ability wren got. I had never played PS3 till I got it on GBA and holy shit, dark forces took me 9/10 of the gametime I played. sooo cheap and unfair. like the boss of the floaty island in PS4 cheapness, but wasn't the easy bitch he was.

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you guys might not agree... but who cares. the last leader from pokemon puzzle challenge on the ultimate difficulty level on game boy color. that one required you to play defensively moreso than offensively. offensive combos and such had to be executed at just the right time. but thats a fast paced puzzle game, at times... there are too many hard bosses out there. (rpg's dont really count to me unless i make it more difficult for myself by not leveling up enuff or using crap weapons.)

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