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Yes. Haven't you? You buy the console, usually at launch, and then pick up only one game for it. As the console gets more games for it, you stick to that one launch title and use it strictly

Nintendo's announced their new console, the Nintendo Switch (formerly known as "NX"). Looks like a home/portable console hybrid! Very cool! Press release:  

Nintendo just did a Direct featuring some of the upcoming indie titles for the Switch:   ...Also I'm doing music for Wargroove (14:23 in the vid) 

5 minutes ago, Penfold said:

I've been looking to preorder either Master or Special Edition of Breath of the Wild, but I'm not sure if I missed the boat already.  Has anyone see preorders for either edition yet?  Thanks.

As near as I can tell, they're all sold out.  One or two of the more obscure retailers had them a couple of days ago, but I don't see any now.

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Just wait six months.

  • Any hardware and firmware issues should be identified and fixed from the launch and post-launch shipments
  • More games will be out
  • The online service will (hopefully) be streamlined and refined
  • They'll have more content and apps for the system
  • More units will be available, making shortages less likely
  • Might be a price drop

Waiting is the hardest part, but patience is rewarded with better.. uh... rewards.

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So, they've announced that the online service will be between ¥2,000-¥3,000/year., which works out to about $17-26 or £14-£21.  So probably $20 or $25/year.  $19.99/year would be a pretty sweet spot to sit at, and I don't think they've have much trouble selling it at that rate.  It'll probably be influenced by that free NES/SNES game, though--getting, say, Yoshi's Island free for a month would be somewhat attractive, but if they give you Clu Clu Land it had better be for life or it's just a slap in the face.

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X-Box Live Gold and PSN are $5 a month ($60 a year, if you go for a full year at once instead of monthly).

That means that Switch network would be about $2 to $3 a month if you do a year long subscription.

I would have to see what $2 or $3 a month gets me, of course.

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On 2017-02-02 at 9:59 AM, MindWanderer said:

So, they've announced that the online service will be between ¥2,000-¥3,000/year., which works out to about $17-26 or £14-£21.  So probably $20 or $25/year.  $19.99/year would be a pretty sweet spot to sit at, and I don't think they've have much trouble selling it at that rate.  It'll probably be influenced by that free NES/SNES game, though--getting, say, Yoshi's Island free for a month would be somewhat attractive, but if they give you Clu Clu Land it had better be for life or it's just a slap in the face.

Clu Clu Land with ONLINE MULTIPLAYER,  thank you very much.

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Personal opinion:

I see the Virtual Console free games going one of two ways.

1. All the "good" games won't be monthly freebies. No Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, etc. At best, the freebies will be stuff like Duck Hunt or Wrecking Crew. They know that no one will buy that level of games on their own, so if they give them for free for a month, some people might like them enough to buy it later. And they'll likely cycle the same games over and over, offering nothing new, year after year, instead of offering stuff people really want.

All the stuff that would be worth getting is going to be $5 and up. You want Super Mario World? $10. You want Link To The Past? $15. You want Final Fantasy 6 (come on, SE whores their old games as much as possible)? $20. If they think they can get away with it, they will do it. They ould even justify the higher prices because you're getting them both at home and on the go.

2. They roll out with SMB3 and Super Metroid. Maybe EarthBound or something. They go big out of the gate, and every month is top tier titles, one after another. The first year is a showcase of the best retro titles Nintendo has to offer, and they're only on Switch. They get more and more third party NES ad SNES titles, and the momentum continues.

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Global Test Fires for Splatoon 2 have been announced: 6 one-hour timeslots over 48 hours, March 24-26.  Looks like it'll basically be the same weapons and whatnot as the demos so far.

I finally managed to snag myself a console preorder (during the brief window Best Buy put them back up), so I should be able to do at least part of the Saturday afternoon one and the evening ones.  I really want to find out whether the joy-cons+grip are adequate to play or if I'll need to plunk down the cash for the pro controller.  Anyone else planning on being there?

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Okay time for impressions.

Event opened, we walked down a red walkway right to the stage at the far end of the room it was set up in, that was nice. There were 4 demo stations for each game on display that was playable except Zelda, which had about 16 or so. Anyways, to go in order of what we played (went with my fiancé).

ARMS: Very intuitive controls. I picked the robo-girl and he picked Spring Man (really I just keep thinking MM when I hear that name). We went through the tutorial first. Very basic stuff. Tilt Joy-Cons to move, L/R dashes in the direction you're tilting, punch to punch, tilt to turn punch, ZL/ZR to activate Flurry which just lets you unleash a bunch of punches. That's basically it for controls. And then you get into it, where you get to pick which parts you want for each arm, and that's where the fun begins. You've got your basic fists, you've got the 3-fists-in-one that I had default as robo-girl, and then there's also a boomerang. In Flurry mode these get powered up and the boomerang basically becomes the Gale Boomerang from Twilight Princess. It's great fun, I can see it being fantastic for party mode.

Next up we played Disgaea 5 Complete, which was pretty standard as far as Disgaea goes. Nothing really special to mention there. After this we also grabbed our tickets for Zelda because we had to get in a group based upon time slots.

After that I went on stage to challenge someone in Quick Draw, part of 1-2-Switch. The way this works is both players get in position holding their Joy-Con down with their finger on the trigger (ZL/ZR depending on the Joy-Con) and listen for the audio cue. The game goes READY then STEADY... and when it says FIRE both players raise and fire to see who gets the shot off first. The game then says the exact time it took for each player to fire and even shows the angle the controllers were at while moving. I won the first game, but lost the second. Got a nice Switch hat. I was kinda on the fence about 1-2-Switch but I can see it's very well-made and will be a blast at parties. 

Next up was Sonic Mania, which I didn't even know would be there. This took just one Joy-Con set horizontally to control. Knuckles was unfortunately not playable in the demo, and we could only choose between Green Hill Zone and Studiopolis. I picked the latter and it controlled wonderfully. Took a bit to get used to the Drop Dash but it's well made, and the level design is wonderful. Even more hype for this one now.

Then after that we played a bit of ULTRA STREET FIGHTER II. Did three rounds of this. First round I was Zangief and my fiancé was Dhalsim. I won in the 3rd round. Next up I was Ryu and he was Vega. He annihilated me lol, and he did again in the final battle between Guile and Blanka.

After that we did some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe battle mode. I needed revenge. Picked Fem-Villager and he chose Waluigi. Course was randomly picked, and it was Battle Course 1 from Super Mario Kart. The mode was Bob-Omb Blast, where the only item you get it Bob-Ombs and you can hold as many as you collect because the point is to blow EVERYTHING UP JUST BLOW IT ALL UP OH THE HUMANITY IT ALL BLEW UP. I was in the lead for a short while (when you're in the lead you end up wearing a crown and it goes away once you lose that lead) and ended up 3rd overall (we were playing against 10 CPU). I'm sure that in the full game you'll be able to turn off CPUs entirely in Battle Mode because you can do that in MK8 already.

After that we kept the explosions going in Super Bomberman R. Which is classic Bomberman action brought back to current consoles. So much fun. Also includes the whole "when you die you get to throw bombs from the edges" thing from some installments, and if you take someone out in this way you take their place and rejoin the fray. And if you land a bomb directly on someone while on the sidelines (you usually throw one space away, not in the adjacent one) you'll stun them. Great fun, and up to 8 players too iirc. We only had 4 though. 

Then we went to Puyo Puyo Tetris. They had us stick to the Swap mode of multiplayer, which would keep you in Puyo Puyo mode for 30 seconds then swap to the Tetris board for 30 seconds and then back to Puyo Puyo for another 30 seconds and so on and so forth until someone lost. And the board you started on wasn't always Puyo Puyo, it would randomly choose at the start of each round. Very basic fare for both of those, and if you had a combo going in one mode as it swapped it would continue and affect the other. So it's really built for those who are good at both. However, my fiancé was rockin' the Tetris board while I was rockin' the Puyo Puyo side so we balanced each other out that way. So it works.

Lastly, we played our demos of Breath of the Wild. You start off doing a new game, and have to OPEN YOUR EYES. Then get the slate, get clothes and climb outside. From there you get to do anything, which we of course already knew. That's not the point of THIS impression. It's nice to be right into the game that quickly compared to other Zelda games that have absurdly lengthy intros *coughSScough*. I went right, found a stick, gathered mushrooms, then set the stick on fire and started a small grassfire because lol. Also apparently hitting apples with a burning stick bakes them, so that was nice. I then found an axe, cut down a tree, and entered the Temple of Time. Or the ruins of it, at least. Prayed to the statue of the Goddess Hylia, and then headed outside and tried to climb the temple. Failed. Walked 10 feet to the right and found a ladder. Climbed it, found a bow, and then jumped off... and died. Link's leg was bent in the completely wrong direction so that visual was well-done. Reloaded the save and then tried to climb down the ladder and ended up jumping off (not dying this time) and then found a Bokoblin base. Managed to take them out with the axe, including the really tough leader (this was in the skull rock y'all might've seen in screenshots being blown up). The leader kept leaving himself open long enough for my axe swing to connect twice and cancel his attack. He even leapt at me once and I knocked him like 10 feet away! Also stole his spiked club (which has like 3x the attack power of the axe) and killed him with it. Also when firing arrows you'll need to adjust for distance because the physics engine in the game is very well made. I killed a few more Bokoblins, stole their meat, and them climbed a rock... and then the demo time was up. And then we left because nothing else really interested us. My fiancé's playthrough consisted of him bumbling into the Talus Steppe thing (the giant rock golem) and getting murdered. He also successfully hunted a boar (headshots are the way to go, he says, as hitting them anywhere else causes them to flee, and you need to use a bow. Also be very aware of how much sound you're making, it tells you in the lower-right corner), and then fell to his doom and then drowned trying to catch a fish. Both of us were very pleased.

But yeah we left after that. They gave us cookies with the Switch logo on them as we left. All in all, great games. Didn't really check out anything else (wasn't interested in them). The controllers are very comfortable and lightweight. Forgot to play in tablet mode cause I didn't think about it, OH WELL.

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3 hours ago, Fishy said:

Got mine coming on Friday, after I remembered I have a £100 Amazon voucher lying around. I think this is the first time I've got a console on day one, quite excited about it.

If mine comes on Friday which I hope (haven't heard anything against it), it will also be the first time I get one on launch day. The last time I considered it, was with the Nintendo 64, but as a 12 year old, money was tight
Edit: I just got confirmation that it's on its way, yeah :D

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