Ocremix albums with weird tracklists on iOS devices

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Hello! .o/"

I have several Ocremix albums on my PC and iOS devices, and for some time now I'm having this weird issue with the majority of them where the tracklist is showing all weird.

I've made a post on apple discussion forums to see if this is known but I was left in the dark.

It seems I can't post images here but the post on apple site shows some screenshots:

Tracklist is fine on my PC iTunes, by the way.

Also somebody reported this same problem in this thread:

It was suggested that this have something to do with the "Grouping" Tag used by iTunes, but many albums have this tag blank and the issue happens anyway. Removing the tag from albums that do have or using the same information on the tag for all tracks doesn't resolve the problem. 

Does anybody here had this issue? Is there a fix?

Or is this something else that the Music App from iOS devices is doing wrong? Because I didn't had this problem until a little before iOS 11 update. It did start on iOS 10 though, but not at first.

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So, I figured this out. Thanks, Google!

iTunes created a new series of tags called work and movement, those tags are created for classical music, mostly. But iTunes tags all songs automatically because why not.

That's what's breaking the album listing on iOS.

Just removing those tags fix the issue.

More instructions in the following link:


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