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Mega Man 11!!


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19 hours ago, MindWanderer said:

Similarly, I've hoped for decades that they'd do a Mega Man Generations game that told the story of the events between Mega Man and Mega Man X.  We know some of the events immediately leading up to X, but as far as I know, nothing about what happened to the original line of robots or their inventors.

I'm guessing Capcom is hesitant to do this because such a game would have to explicitly depict the death/destruction of all of the main characters of the original series as part of the plot.  Kinda lowers the prospect of future original series Mega Man games a bit.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to see such a game, too, but I think that Capcom would prefer these story developments to occur offscreen.

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A new Megaman with a new style? That's pretty cool. It's also cool that they snuck in some concept art in Legacy Collection 2 (It's in the Megaman 8 gallery, showing one power that Megaman will get in 11) - I was wondering what the heck that design was from a week before this game was announced, lol. Speaking of that concept art, I'm loving the idea of Megaman's costume making more significant changes to show off what power Megaman is holding.

To Supercoolmike's point on MMX9 = introduction of Cyberelves, I don't think MMX would ever reach that point, much like MMClassic will likely never show the beginnings of MMX outside of the filler at the end of Power Battle 2. At most, they'd likely continue the story of the new type of Reploid that Luminous and Axl are said to be. Putting something like the Cyberelf war or the beginnings of the X series at the end of their prior series marks an end to how far the company can expand their franchise, which for something as reproduceable as the Megaman series would be a serious blow to it's profit potential. If we ever get a game (or games) following the Cyberelf wars, it would need to be done with either a Megaman Zero series prequel or a new Megaman series focused in that era. Either would be pretty interesting, but making an official Megaman Zero game that was a one-shot prequel would get me hella excited.

I'm not all THAT excited for a new MMX anyway for similar reasons Zircon has (post-MMX4 is mediocre at best), but on this note of a prequel OH MAN would a remastered/redone console release of the Megaman Zero series be absolutely amazing. It stayed high quality for the whole series, and frankly it follows an amazing story that 100% concludes it's story arc at the end of the 4th game (which is a rarity for these kind of games, due to the incentive to profit on them for as long as possible). The DS collection is a pretty mediocre re-release, so it really would be amazing with a fresh coat of paint.

But yeah, new Megaman is a pretty cool thing. Does anyone know if Inufane is at all involved with this one? If not, this is will be the first classic Megaman game outside of his influence - how will the different ideas show forth?

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I showed a coworker, he thinks it looks great. But, he remembers how hard the old rockman games were. I agreed with him. :)

He's a young guy, so he's lucky his mom's going to get him a switch for xmas when he visits her. He's a native of China. 

Anyways, my point is, he and I both will definitely pick this up when it is released.

Thanks again for bringing it to everyone's attention. 

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I actually found Castlevania 1 and most of Ninja Gaiden (up to the last boss) to be easier than Mega Man 1.  Castlevania 1 is only hampered by the full-commitment jumping and huge knockback, but it's slow-paced and easily predictable.  Ninja Gaiden without Jump & Slash cheese is bad, but with it it's again easily predictable.  Mega Man 1 is full of complicated disappearing block patterns and fast, random bosses.

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