Fundraiser for bLiNd - lost all...

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Hey guys. As you can see, this is my first post here as I just created the account, but I've been with OCRemix for quite some time. Though I didn't have the use for my account here, after what happened recently I decided to create my account and create a post about it...

As some of you may know bLiNd and his great works in music industry, whether in game remixes or his sole tracks that he's created - he's a musician to the bone and by heart! Every track of his is special. In fact, he was the one that invited me into game remixes.

And recently I have found that he went through a lifebreaking incident - his whole home has been damaged in fire that broke out and he lost not only his place to live, but also pets and his way of living - musical equipment...

So I decided to create a post in the forum, as for some of you guys you may have know him, if you can or know someone that can as well back him up - please do so. We can't let Jordan's faith go away!

This is the link to the fundraiser that Jordan started -

If you feel that his post is somewhat inappropriate, please do as you see fit with it. I have absolutely no interest or any gains in this, other than Jordan's well-being and getting him back on his feet.

I thought about this forum as a first thing I could go on, because this is the place I first met Jordan on and thought of you guys...

I will thank backers in my stead, as Jordan is not aware of this post - so each and every backer has my own personal - thank you! Though it may not mean much, I really appreciate everyone's help!

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This is awful. I've loved his music since I first joined, one of my faves.

When I first saw the headline, I was afraid it was another health scare, like what inspired the VARIAtions album a few years back.

Glad it's not quite like that, but still...this is devastating. Could only afford $20 at this time.

Godspeed on the recovery and rebuild, @bLiNd.

@Suguru - thank you for posting this.

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Oh man! This is terrible. :( 

When I first started listening to OCR AIM was still a thing, and we randomly became AIM buddies.  In addition to being a badass musician, he was (and I'm sure still is) a super nice guy. 

@Suguru, thanks for sharing this!

@bLiNd, good luck man, we got you! :ocrgreen:

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Bumping for repeat exposure and to see if it would help get more money to bLiNd's fundraising needs. A bunch of money's been raised, but still pretty far from its goal.

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