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Hi guys.

I'm a big fan of sites that do remixes of games and I've been looking for the various remixes lost from VGMix until I find on a mirror site some remixes of the first version of VGMix. There were a lot of songs with no game name and artist, but checking through the Wayback Machine website I was able to find out most of the artists and the original games, but there were still 49 remixes without the name of the game. I came here hoping someone could help me figure out the original source of each remix. Here is the list of artists on the left and songs with mp3 links (from the original ocmirror website) on the right:

Ater Draconis           Forest Shadows


DeNihil                Pyramid(Tetrahedronic Mix)


Draygon Khoren         Saying Goodbye

              Saying Goodbye.mp3  

DrSeuss                eLeVAtor MuSick


EmptyMy                Martian Invasion Remix

              Invasion Remix.mp3  

evil_knob              Town Tune


Goolancer          Jazzy Cat


                       The Devil


                       Welcome Home


headfonez              13 Second Enemy

              second enemy.mp3  

                       Two Enemies


K-Wix                  Destiny: Embrace the Dark Mana

              Embrace the Dark Mana.mp3 

Maleh-Vor                    Haunted Heart


Matze                  Bruce is Running

              is running.mp3  

                       Damage Theme


                       Fight-3 Theme


                       First Place




Midee                  Beast Machine


orkybash               Darkness and Ice

              and Ice.mp3  

Quinn Fox              Be Attitude


                       Ceramic Hallways


                       Charm Vibes


                       Dark Engine


                       Moonlight Alone


                       Submereged Forest


                       Tree to Woodwind

              To Woodwind.mp3  

Sal-Paradise           Solace Eldean


Sergio Thomas          Solomons Crown


skyline                The Police Station

              Police Station.mp3  

Spram                  Secrets


StriderYokoshima       Calm (Elevator JDNB Fusion)

              (Elevator JDNB Fusion).mp3  

strike911              Ocean Nine


The Graceful Failure   100 Year Old Trance

              Year Old Trance.mp3  

Void                   Church of Despair

              of Despair.mp3  

                       Crimson Sky


                       Does God Exist?

              God Exist_.mp3  

                       Isolated Village




                       Lonely Winter Night

              Winter Night.mp3  



                       Moon Base Siege

              Base Siege.mp3  

                       Sacrificial Offering


                       Score Breaker


                       Stupid Clutz


                       Temple of the Enlightened Ones

              of the Enlightened Ones.mp3  

                       The Final March

              Final March.mp3  



Xerxes                 Jazz's Conspiracy

             's Conspiracy.mp3       


Found Name Updates:

\slash                           Gitaroo Back in Time!!!!!!!!!!11111111111 (Gitaroo Man)

.aaron p. matthews      Mike's Graduation (StarTropics)

Abort_Retry_Fail?       Mind of the Deku (The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask)

Beej                            When the Wind Blows (F-Zero)

BDBC                           Make One Up (The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask)

Ark                               ReCreation (Terranigma)
                                    'ReCreation' (Terranigma)

Advisor                        The Techno Beast (Secret of Mana)

Billysk8r                       Feel the Menu! (Kirby Super Star)

BitMaP                         Devil's Halo (Halo)                   

Dalton                          Hylian March (The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time)

Digimatic                      Floating Ninja Kicks (Double Dragon 3)

DJ AlphaGaia               Deja Vu of an Acid Trip (Shadowgate)

DJ Starfish                   Atsui no Taiyo (Golden Sun)

DJ TeknoBunny           Caribbean Shopping (River City Ransom)

DrSeuss                     Savior (The Guardian Legend)

                                   Take it to the House (Zelda 2)

Edgahkun                    Higher Confidence (Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Valkyrie Profile)

End of the Millenium    Refuge (Phantasy Star 3)

Evan Pattison              In the Wake of a Legend (Final Fantasy 6)

Goolancer                    Release Your Mind (Horror Mix) (Beatmania CompleteMix 2)

Gwilym Wogan             Unveil (Magical Drop 3)

HolyDragon                  Shh! Don't get Yourself Kille (Doom 2)

justinofthejungle          [Techno]drome (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2 The Arcade Game)

Maleh-Vor                    Black Forest (Super Castlevania 4)

MDesigner                   Valley of the Lizardmen (Baldur's Gate 2)

Nemo                          Last Gasp (Mega Man 6)

                                  Mezzo Forte (Rockman & Forte)

nesprotection             Sunny Skies (StarTropics)

                                   Tengublaster(Ah,it's Just a K (Mega Man 8 Sega Saturn)

Nightsong                   Lost Souls (Castlevania Symphony of the Night)

Nukkus                       Spaced Departure (Space Quest 3)

Quinn Fox                   Post Intermission (Ninja Gaiden)

                                   Powerup Candles (Super Castlevania 4)

RuneWalsh                  Adventurous Youth (Ys 3)

SalvatoreLeone         The Rock Solid Fun 'N' Games (Banjo-Tooie)

smh                              A Tortured World (Golden Sun)

                                    Snowdrifts in Imil (Golden Sun)

Strike911                      Online Street Band (Mega Man Battle Network)

The Coop                    Heading Home (Raiden)

Werewolf                     Airbase - Heavyarms (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Duel)

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Advisor - The Techno Beast (Secret of Mana)
Ark - ReCreation (Terranigma)
Billysk8r - Feel the Menu! (Kirby Super Star)
BitMaP - Devil's Halo (Halo)
Dalton - Hylian March (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Digimatic - Floating Ninja Kicks (Double Dragon III)
DJ AlphaGaia - Deja Vu of an Acid Trip (Shadowgate)
DJ TeknoBunny - Caribbean Shopping (River City Ransom)

Will try to get to more later.

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justinofthejungle      [Techno]drome
Pretty obvious for most, but this one is from TMNT 2 - The Arcade Game for NES,  the Technodrome level.
HolyDragon             Shh! Don't get Yourself Kille
             ! Don_'t get yourself kille.mp3  
This one is from Doom 2, I think the track from the game is actually called "DOOM", or "The Waste Tunnels"
Evan Pattison          In the Wake of a Legend
              the Wake of a Legend.mp3  
This one is Cyan's theme from FF3/6
Maleh-Vor              Black Forest
Castlevania 4 - Dark Forest Theme
smh                    A Tortured World
              Tortured World.mp3  
This is from Golden Sun, The game track is called Sad Town.
                       Snowdrifts in Imil
              in Imil.mp3  
Also Golden Sun, track is called Imil.

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Did a spot check.  Only recognized three so far. 


Higher Confidence: Star Ocean 3/Valkryie Profile Confidence in the Domination. (pretty much a rip)

TenguBlaster:  MegaMan 8 Saturn Version.  Tengu Man Stage

Refuge:  Phantasy Star III Town Theme

I know I heard First Place somewhere.  I want to say it was a Sega racer of some sort but I can't place it. Then again I might just be confusing it with that Do-op Do-op song from the muppets...

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On 10/4/2018 at 4:03 AM, NovemberRhythm said:

Abort_Retry_Fail?      Mind of the Deku

This is the Deku Palace from Majora's Mask. (

On 10/4/2018 at 4:03 AM, NovemberRhythm said:

BDBC                   Make One Up

This one is also the Deku Palace from Majora's Mask. Weird.


I couldn't get any others.


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DrSeuss - Take it to the House (Zelda II)
Nemo - Mezzo Forte (Rockman & Forte)
nesprotection - Sunny Skies (StarTropics)
Nightsong - Lost Souls (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
Nukkus - Spaced Departure (Space Quest III)
Quinn Fox - Miranda Block 4 is
Quinn Fox - Post Intermission (Ninja Gaiden)
Quinn Fox - Powerup Candles (Super Castlevania IV)

If I remember correctly, all of Void's VGMix submissions were stolen/plagiarized. 

More later.

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Well, I was surprised because I noticed that Void sent many remixes of unknown games. :huh: But they were very good songs. Still, I really wanted to know where he got them from.

I thank everyone who continues to help


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strike911 - Online Street Band (Mega Man Battle Network)

EDIT: Not sure how the labeling came to be, but I'm pretty sure Sal-Paradise - "Solace Eldean" is actually by Quinn Fox. No idea who or what Sal-Paradise is. Also, that MP3 is weird in that it fades in; when I originally had this file back in the day, the opening notes didn't fade in, they were at full volume. Dunno what game it corresponds to though.

As far as Void, maybe someone could dig up the drama thread from the VGMix2 days when his plagiarism was discovered, if that was archived anywhere. I don't think anyone had any discoveries on his VGMix1 postings unless he'd also put them up on VGMix2. From what I can remember, it was pretty obscure stuff from professional VGM arrange albums, but there could have been other sources. Maybe @Ramaniscence, @k-wix or some ex-VGMix staff would remember something about it.

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Some of the ones that came after my initial post I had to give myself a facepalm.   "Duh, I knew that"

I'm quite surprised I missed so many. I gave all of them at least a quick listening to.

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