1. recruiting Golden Sun: A World Reignited - Recruiting!

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**NOTE:  Most of the discussion is taking place on a Discord Server, but regular project updates and claim/track status will continue to be posted here**

Well, it’s been suggested a few times before, but this time it’s for real! 
Let's make it happen!


Project Concept
Golden Sun and Golden Sun: Lost Age, two games each representing half of a larger story, took gamers on an incredible journey through the rich and varied world of Weyard.   Golden Sun saw you charged with the noble quest of preventing the destructive powers of Alchemy from being unleashed upon the world.   Lost Age turned the tables as players found themselves in control of the first story’s antagonists, desperate to restore this ancient power.   This story of discovery, exotic locales, forgotten histories, hidden motivations, heroism and desperation, was beautifully embodied in Motoi Sakuraba’s incredible soundtrack. Though it was well received by critics, Golden Sun never enjoyed the popularity of some of its other jrpg bretheren.  Nevertheless, it continues to have a dedicated, and well-deserved fan-base.   With the 20th anniversary of Golden Sun’s release coming up in in 2021, there could be no better time to bring this series and its music back into the light!    

Project Director: TSori

Art Director: 

Sound Designer/Masterer: Rotten Eggplant

Web Designer: djpretzel




Reuben Spiers
Rotten Eggplant
Sam Dillard
Silent Ice
Siolfor the Jackal


Performers (Primary instrument underlined): 

Deedubs - Piccolo trumpetTrumpet 
Earth Kid - Harp, Piano, Vocals (female), Hammered dulcimer, Recorder, Ethnic percussion
GuitarSVD - Ehru, Classical Guitar
John Stacy - French horn, Alto, Tenor, & Bass Trombones. Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Euphonium, Tuba, Alto clarinet.

Joseph Jung - Violin

Rotten Eggplant - Vocoded Vocals
Siolfor the Jackal - Electric Guitar
Sixto - Guitar
TSoriTrumpet, Flugelhorn, Tin whistle, Melodica

Other Assistance:
John Stacy - Mixing, Arrangement
TSori - Sheet music transcription

Finished WAV Evaluators:
Darkesword, MindWanderer, Sir_NutS 

What We Need
(ripped from OOT album thread and Arcadia Legends album thread because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it)

·         Arrangers/Remixers to conceptualize and complete remixes. This is where the bulk of the work will be!

·         Performers who are experienced with any type of instrument and have a high-quality recording setup.

·         If you're interested in contributing to one or more of the above areas, please get in touch with me.

All remixers wishing to claim a track should PM me and/or post in the thread.  We'll go from there. Once a track is claimed, an initial WIP deadline will be set. Deadlines are explained in more detail below.  Be sure to check in at least once a month so we know you haven’t fallen off the edge of the map (see what I did there?).

Genre Guidelines
There is no basic genre one should adhere to when remixing tracks for the album but rather focus on a genre that would bring out the best in the track chosen. That gives remixers a lot of leeway in remixing a song the way they want with final product approved by Album leadership. Vocals in songs are also okay if implemented well. Using multiple source tunes from the soundtrack as fine, as long as the primary focus of the remix is on the core track list. The ultimate organization of the album will be done in such a way that "tells a story". Its my hope that a wide variety of remix styles will reflect a "journey" through a varied world. 

Collaborations are highly encouraged!

Also, the intent is for this to be an official OCR album, so remixes must meet the appropriate standards.  We have 3 OCR judges who have volunteered to be evaluators for completed remixes in order to ensure those standards are met.

Deadlines will be based on the date which a given track is claimed, but can be modified as needed.  The starting point will be:

-Initial WIP (something that shows you have started): 1 month after claim
-Significant WIP (solid remix concept and progress toward completing it): 3 months after claim
-Finished Arrangement (only mixing and/or recording remains)- 6 months after claim
-Finished WAV (complete)- 9 months after claim

Missing a deadline without communicating with the project director (for a month or more) could result in your claim being dropped!  That said, life happens and we want this project to be the best that it can be! Stay in touch, and we will make it work!   I'll be reaching out to everyone every 2 or 3 weeks to just check in too.  

The Track List

Golden Sun/ Lost Age has an ENORMOUS soundtrack.   For that reason, we’re focusing on just the first two entries of the series and excluding Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.  If you’ve got an overpowering need to get something from Dark Dawn in here, PM me, we can talk bonus tracks, but let’s keep the focus on GS and GS:TLA

Even with Dark Dawn excluded there are nearly 100 tracks in the soundtrack.  I’ve tried to reduce it down to something more manageable, and to give remixers some more freedom in track selection I’ve created several “grab bag” slots.

Grab Bag slots can be filled by any track on the matching list.  i.e. Town 1, Town 2, and Town 3  will be any three tracks chosen from those on the “Town” list.  It’s up to you!  Also, feel free to mix multiple source tunes from the list into one remix.  As a given category of grab bag slots gets filled (i.e.) town, I'll close claims on the rest of the tracks on that list.  However, once we have all 36 tracks claimed, any and all remaining tracks from the grab bag lists will be claimable as additions to the core track list.  I also have a few more source tunes to add as options once we get down to our last few unclaimed tracks.

Track Claim & WIP Status (35 total)
Red - Unclaimed Track - 12
Yellow - Claimed Track, no WIP yet - 8

Purple - Initial WIP submitted - 8
Blue - Significant WIP submitted - 4

Cyan - Finished Arrangement submitted - 2
Green - Finished WAV submitted (Under Evaluation/APPROVED) - 1
Bold Green - Finished and Mastered Track - 0

Claim Tracking Format
Source Tune - Claim: XXXXX ( ** denotes a collaboration)- Title: XXXX - Genre : XXXX - next deadline: XXX XX, XXXX


Core Track List 
(Final order will be determined after all finished WAVs are submitted)

1.  Page One - Claim: Reuben Spiers - untitled - Genre: TBD - Initial WIP Deadline: Apr 7, 2019
2.  An Adept's Home - Claim: Ganaé - untitled - Genre: Orchestral - Significant WIP Deadline: Apr. 27, 2019
3.  The First Book / The Elemental Stars - Claim: Sam Dillard - Genre: Orchestral -  Finished Arrangment Deadline: Aug 2, 2019

4.  The Angarian Journey - Claim: pu_freak - untitled - Genre: Piano/Orchestral - Significant WIP Deadline: May. 5, 2019
5.  Hopelessness - Claim: TSori** - Title: "Angarian Vigil" - Genre: Flugelhorn & Spanish Guitar ballad - Finished WAV deadline: Oct. 16, 2019
6.  Forest's Requiem - Claim: RebeccaETripp** - untitled - Genre: Renaissance - Finished WAV,Deadline November 4, 2019
7.  The Royal Palace - Claim: TSori** - untitled -  Genre: Baroque Trumpet Concerto - Initial WIP Deadline : April 6, 2019
8.  Saturos and Menardi  Theme and Battle! - Claim: Bluelighter - untitled - Genre: Orchestral - Finished Arrangement Deadline: Aug. 4, 2019
9.  Mercury Lighthouse
10.  Happy Towns
11.  Set Sail! Through the Karagol Sea
12.  Tolbi

13.  Venus Lighthouse- Claim: ThirdKoopa** - untitled - Genre: Jazz - Finished Arrangement deadline: Aug. 2, 2019
14.  The Second Book
15.  Walking Forward with Determination -  Claim: djpretzel - untitled - Genre: TBD - Initial WIP deadline: Mar. 21, 2019
16.  Garoh - Claim: GuitarSVD - untitled - Genre: Ehru & guitar - Significant WIP deadline: Apr. 28, 2019
17.  Lemuria
18.  Full Speed Ahead - Claim: Deedubs - untitled - Orchestral - Significant WIP deadline: May. 5, 2019
19.  Jupiter Lighthouse - Claim: Glejs - untitled - Genre: TBD - Initial WIP deadline: Apr. 10, 2019
20.  Alone - Claim: Ophanin - "Variations on Intrepidity" - Genre: Orchestral - Under Evaluation
21.  Mars Lighthouse - Claim: Sbeast - untitled - Genre: TBD - Initial WIP Deadline: Apr 18, 2019
22.  Doom Dragon Battle - Claim: thevorace - untitled - Genre: TBD - Significant WIP deadline: May 16, 2019
23.  The Final Beacon - Claim: Silent Ice - untitled - Genre: Anime Intro - Significant WIP Deadline: May. 6, 2019

24.  The Golden Sun Rises - If anyone is up to the challenge, I would like this remix to be a kind of grand finale to the album,  the more remixers and performers it features, the better! Of course, if you have a better idea just let me know, I can be persuaded.

*Grab Bag Slots*

25.  Frozen in Prox - Claim: Chernabogue - untitled - Genre: Orchestral - Initial WIP Deadline: Mar 27, 2019
26.  Town 2
27.  Town 3

28.  Mysterious Caves - Claim: RebeccaETripp - untitled - Genre: TBD - Initial WIP deadline: April 14, 2019
29.  Felix Battle  - Claim: Rotten Eggplant - untitled - Genre: Psytrance - Significant WIP Deadline: May 4, 2019
30.  Hero Battle 2
31.   Battle! (Saturos) - Claim: TSori** - Title: "I'm Golden, Son" - Genre: 70's Cop Show Theme - Finished Arrangement Deadline: July 21, 2019
32.  Agatio and Karst - Claim: StormSkuggan - untitled - Genre: TBD - Initial WIP: Mar. 27, 2019
33.  Magma Rock - Claim: Siolfor the Jackal - untitled - Genre: Metal - Significant WIP Deadline: May 4 2019
34.  Dungeon 2
35.  Dungeon 3

*Grab Bag Lists*

Town (2 claims left)
Kalay    Oriental   Alhafra   Drums of Daila     Little Madra     Freezing Kalt     

Yallam     Wintery Imil   Mystical Shaman Village  Apoji Islands

Dungeon(2 claims left)
    Air's Rock     Aqua Rock      Gaia Rock     Tundaria Tower     Inside the Great Gabomba    Desert Heat

Hero Battle(1 claim left)
Battle! [Isaac]   Battle! [Jenna]     Battle! [Ship]

Cave (claims closed)
Cavernous Shadows        Crossbone Island

Boss Battle (claims closed)
Battle! [Boss]     Battle! [Non-Adept]     Battle! [Colosso]   Battle! [Fusion Dragon] 

***Project Update - January 27, 2019***
I will be posting project updates like this on the 27th of every month (and likely more often).  I decided I would do the first one as soon as we had a track claimed by someone other me.  Thanks to Ganaé, now we do!  Darkesword has also graciously offered his services as an evaluator once the WIPs start coming in.   I've lengthened the WIP deadlines a bit.   Also, in regards to track claims i plan to cut any unclaimed tracks 5 months after the original post was made. That's June 15th of 2019.  Hopefully they will all be claimed well before then, but if not, I just don't want the project to end up dragging on and on because a couple tracks are still open.        

***Project Update - February 2, 2019***
We are picking up some momentum now!   It's my pleasure to welcome GuitarSVD, Ophanin, ThirdKoopa, Sam Dillard, and Glejs as remixers, as well as EarthKid, Sixto, and Guitar SVD as performers, and also Orioto as our art director!  I have been talking with several other ReMixers who are making their track selections now.  I expect we've got  quite a few more claims right around the corner!  (not bad for two weeks in!) 

*** Project Update - February 6, 2019 ***
Well it's only been 4 days since the last update, but there has been so much happening in that 4 days its warranted. We now have an album title!  Golden Sun: A World Reignited  will breathe new life into the Golden sun franchise just as the elemental lighthouses did into Weyard. We also welcome remixers: Bluelighter, Deedubs, pu_freak, RebeccaETripp, Rotten Eggplant, and Silent Ice.
Rotten Eggplant will be taking on the mastering role for the album Deedubs and Joseph Jung have also joined the album as performers We have had 16 of 36 tracks claimed and  6 WIPS submitted.We are building some incredible momentum and the first few WIPS are nothing short of fantastic. Look out OCR, Golden Sun: A World Reignited is headed your way!

*** Project Update - February 17, 2019 ***

This week saw a bit quieter progress as everyone has settled into working on their tracks.Even still, we have new WIPs from Bluelighter as well as my collab track with guitarSVD.  We also welcome thevorace to the project with his claim of the Doom Dragon theme. That's 17/36 tracks claimed with more on the way!

***Project Update - February 27, 2019***

We welcome 3 more remixers to the project:  djpretzel, Chernabogue, and StormSkuggan!  djpretzel has also taken on the role of web designer for the project!  That is all staff positions filled as well as 20/36 tracks claimed.   Both boss battle grab bag slots have now been filled, so the boss battle claims are now closed until further notice.  They will be re-opened after the remaining 16 tracks have been claimed. More claims to come!

***Project Update - March 11, 2019***

Two months into the project, and the WIPs are steadily rolling in.   Reuben Spiers has joined the project, bumping up the list of claimed tracks to 22/36.  Ophanin has also submitted our first completed remix, which is awaiting final evaluator approval.  We're moving steadily forward! 

***Project Update - March 19, 2019***

WIPs continue to trickle in steadily and we have two new claims!   RebeccaETripp has claimed a second track after finishing her first arrangement, and we welcome Sbeast to the project with a claim of Mars Lighthouse!   I've also renumbered the tracks to account for a combo remix of two of the core tracks and changed a couple of the names to match those currently listed on OCR.  Only 12 tracks left on the core list.  If you're reading this and thinking about claiming a track, there's no time like the present!!

Edited by TSori

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Probably won't arrange anything, as the volume of arranging and composition work I've committed to over the next 6 months is somewhat overwhelming already.

However, I do offer performance, arrangement/orchestration consultation and mixing.

Performance: French horn (primary instrument, professional session musician). Alto, tenor, and bass trombones. Trumpet, flugelhorn, Euphonium, Tuba.

I am proficient in both classical and jazz, but have played on many different projects in many different styles. If you want, I can take your idea and edit it to be most effective for the style you're going for.

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I am so in! Golden Sun is one of my favourite soundtracks. My issue is trying to decide which track to choose from because they are all so good! Saturos and Menardi, Magma Rock, and Kolima Forest are probably ones I am most interested in.

I play electric guitar(pretty much just rhythm stuff) and would be willing to record some stuff for others too if need be(if they can't find someone better)

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Thanks John! Glad to have you on board!   I may very well hit you up for some arrangement feedback on my "hopelessness" track pretty soon...

Sounds great, Siolfor!   I'll add you the list of performers, and whenever you decide which track(s) you want to claim just let me know.  All three of those tracks are great!

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We are picking up some momentum now!   It's my pleasure to welcome GuitarSVD, Ophanin, and ThirdKoopa as remixers, as well as EarthKid and Guitar SVD as performers, and also Orioto as our art director!  I have been talking with several other remixers who are making their track selections now.  I expect we've got  quite a few more claims right around the corner!  (not bad for two weeks in!) 

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It may seem a bit silly to do this on the first page, but i'm setting a precedent here:


New project update in the first post!

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Guess who’s back...

Right after the release of Arcadia Legends, I’m at it again. ^_^;

Although, this time I get a track all to myself (not that I wasn’t given an opportunity in Arcadia Legends, I just didn’t have the time when it was offered). 

I’m looking forward to how a psytrance take on Felix’s Battle theme is going to come out. This is going to be fun!

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