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Can anyone identify this song?


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It's a promo commercial for The Boondocks on Adult Swim. It's from awhile back, but no one can find the damn song. They all say it's Guillotine, from Wu-Tang, but it's not. In the show they used that, but on this promo they had this song, which sounds pretty awesome.

Can anyone either A) help me identify the song or B) rip the audio off there with good quality? I can't even download the little clip, so I dunno what else I can do, but I've love to just loop that little theme, cutting out the guy's voice if possible.

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A friend of mine played this for me on his iPod during Anatomy today, and mentioned that him and some 'net friends of his found this in some squirrel flash on Newgrounds.

No one can figure out what the hell it is/what it was originally from. To me, it kinda sounds like Klaus Badelt or stock movie trailer music like Extreme Music and Immediate Music. The melody line is also reminiscent of Fray's Morrowind Remix, it's also in Freemind's. I can't find those mixes on the site right now, but whatever. That's beside the point.

Your assistance is appreciated!

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For the first couple seconds, I thought for sure it was either an arrangement of the Morrowind theme or the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, but then it stopped really resembling either. No idea where this came from.


hehe, i thought it was from Morrowind too at first...but it's called Zoosters Breakout by Hans Zimmer...it was used in Madagascar (the movie... =P)


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I've had this midi forever and it drives me crazy that I don't actually know what it's from. It's marked as being something from Atelier Marie, but after getting all the various Atelier game music to compare it to? It doesn't match up with anything, so I'm doubting it's from an Atelier game at all. Heck, maybe it's not even from a video game?


If someone *does* recognize it though, please please lemme know what it is? XD I'd appreciate it very much.

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I made a MIDI file of a tune that has become stuck in my head for months now, and I'm on a desperate mission to find what it's from.

I for some reason thought it was a tune from "The Neverhood" or "Conker's Bad Fur Day" but nothing on their soundtracks matches the tune.

Also I'm fairly certain I remember clicking around with a mouse only, as if this was a mouse based clicking game like a puzzler or possibly a unique platformer or adventure game.

I have played games on PC from 1993 through present, but I'm certain it's a game at least 5 years old, possibly much more, closer to mid or late 90's?

It could be a console game possibly, but I just can't place it.

The instrumentation I used was exactly and closely as I could remember each part:

Sneaky Jazzy Drum Ride Cymbals & Hi Hat

Upright Acoustic Bass

Acoustic Rhythm Guitar

Melody (chosen as "Choir" MIDI voice) supposed to be a Detective-like whistle, echoing as if walking through an alleyway.

I remember associating this tune with a detective-like feel, I suppose that's why I'm guessing it was a click-based puzzle adventure.

Please I beg you, does anybody recognize this?


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