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MIZAR ATTACKS! - Jet Force Gemini - A rare gem of an album!

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Mizar Attacks! - A Jet Force Gemini Album
Project Concept
One of the last great Rare games on the Nintendo 64. Long after they had made their mark with the phenomenal Donkey Kong Country series, but before they parted ways with Nintendo back in the late 1990s, Rare dropped us a rare gem of a third person shooter in the form of Jet Force Gemini. It was a fantastic mesh of slapstick humor with a dash of surprising violence and dark themes. Aimed solely at the teen exploratory collect-a-thon shooter demographic, this was a underrated game that went completely under the radar as many game companies jumped ship from the Nintendo 64 to other platforms like the Playstation. While the game may not have aged as well by current gaming standards, the soundtrack is as robust and bombastic as ever. Channeling great scores like Star Wars and other epic space franchises, this is one soundtrack I want to see redone. I want it to be a transporting experience and to that end, like Memories of the Chozo, OCR's first album, the compiled tracks will be mixed so that one flows smoothly into the next via arrangement and/or sound effects to form a cohesive listening experience from beginning to end. Come join the fight and take arms against the bug menace as we arrange a forgotten gem, Jet Force Gemini! 
Original Soundtrack Composters: Robin Beanland, Graeme Norgate, Alistair Lindsay
Project Director: @Darkflamewolf (Director of Arcadia Legends)
Art Director: 
Sound Designer/Masterer: AJ the Fox
Web Designer: 
Performers (Primary instrument underlined): 
Finished WAV Evaluators (for OCR album quality purposes):
- Claiming
All remixers wishing to claim a track should PM me and/or post in the thread. My goal is to use Discord from here on out to coordinate and keep in touch with remixers/contributors. So by claiming, you also agree to hop aboard the JFG Discord server I'll be creating specifically for this album. It'll be used as a professional meeting place.
- Genre Guidelines
No guidelines! Do what you feel is best to represent the track you claimed! Just be aware we will be merging beginning and endings of most tracks to flow smoothly into each other.
Collaborations are highly encouraged! 
Also, the intent is for this to be an official OCR album, so remixes must meet the appropriate standards.
- Deadlines
Deadlines will be based on the date which a given track is claimed, but can be modified as needed.  The starting point will be:
-Initial WIP (something that shows you have started): 1 month after claim
-Significant WIP (solid remix concept and progress toward completing it): 2 months after claim
-Finished Arrangement (only mixing and/or recording remains): 5 months after claim
-Finished Unmastered WAV (complete): 7 months after claim
Missing a deadline without communicating with the project director (for a month or more) could result in your claim being dropped!  That said, life happens and I believe we all want this project to succeed, so please stay in touch! We can work things out! I'll still be reaching out to everyone every 2 weeks anyway just to check in - probably at the start of each month and midway through on the 15th. Coordinating through the JFG Discord server 
The Track List 
Track Claim & WIP Status (19 total)
Red - Unclaimed Track - 4
Orange - Claimed Track, no WIP yet - 0
Purple - Initial WIP submitted - 0
Blue - Significant WIP submitted - 0
Green - Finished Unmastered Arrangement submitted - 0
Bold Green - Finished and Mastered Track - 18
Core Track List 


08.  "Dance of the Ant Spawn" - Spawnship - Claimed by @GlacialSpoon
"Under Cerulean Skies" - Cerulean - Claimed by @Gario
10.  "
Bone and Marrow" - Eschebone - Claimed by @Deedubs
"CompuSiege" - Mizar's Palace - Claimed by @aluminum
"Fury Cutter" - Boss Battle - Claimed by @PirateCrab
"World Destroyer" - Asteroid - Claimed by @Deedubs
"Anthem Anubis" - SS Anubis - Claimed by @bLiNd
Bonus Tracks:



So although 19 tracks that I would like to see get into the album, only 13 are my personal 'must-haves' to be on the actual album - ones that encompass the 'core' planets and locations you visit in the game. I'd like to fill those in first. The goal is to fit it all on one disc this time. Any extra tracks inbetween like Landing Sequence/Rare Start Logo will be used/remixed by the Sound Designer/Masterer to link tracks together alongside sound effects.
Misc. Questions:
- How much of my track will be edited to make the cohesive experience?
Honestly, not all that much. The track will be mastered separately as its own track and then depending on how it ends and the subsequent track begins, a decision will be made how to mesh the two together to form a seamless transition. Your core track will be unchanged and will still be 100% your inspiration.
- What about physical editions?
Like before with Arcadia Legends, I do 'plan' on making physical copies as well at the end of it and it should be cheaper too if we're going the 1-disc route. However, it is far too early in the process to be deciding that, just be aware it is on my radar to do and give back to the contributors of this album.
Thanks for all your interest and although I'd like to get this done by October 11, 2019 to make the 20th anniversary, I won't be bending over backwards to make it. There is always the 21st anniversary next year! ;) Let's make this next underrated gem soundtrack a success like Arcadia Legends!
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@Sbeast @OceansAndrew @GlacialSpoon @Deedubs @zykO @Jorito @Guifrog @PrototypeRaptor @Sam Dillard - Pinging you all specifically since we've worked together before on Arcadia Legends and I enjoyed my experience working with you during that project. Also pinging because each of you delivered fairly quickly and well before expected deadlines, which was always a bonus! :) I extend to you an invitation to see if you'd like to claim a track or two of this second, smaller album, if not, that's okay too! Thanks again for what you've done for me in the past and looking forward to hopefully working with you again.

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*****Project Update #1*****

With the advent of this update, and GlacialSpoon signing on for Spawnship, we now have 6 remixers on board with at least another 10 interested in a few months once other commitments are fulfilled! Things are looking up and it's not even been a month! Sure, there's only been 1 initial WIP submitted so far, but none of the deadlines have been breached and everything looks to be on track! I'm excited and hopeful for this album. Definitely a good idea to scale back since Arcadia Legends and focus on a more condensed and focused 1-disc album for my second project. Will be updating everyone like this at least once a month to keep interest current and to be 100% transparent to remixers and fans of JFG about the state of the album! Look forward to more progress next month! :)

EDIT: And now we have Piratecrab signed on for Boss Battle!

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*****Project Update #2*****

Second month has been a bit slow. We got MkVaff and PirateCrab signed onto the team, but on the whole, not much progress has been made. Which is fine. There were slow months during Arcadia Legends too, so I'm not worried. We also got a few more interested parties for the album, but no firm takers yet. Still looking forward to the music in the coming months!

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*****Project Update #3*****

Skipped a whole month in updates, but we are actually making good progress! We signed on a few more folks to the project and got some great WIPs in from PirateCrab, Aluminum, MkVaff, Rotten Eggplant, and GlacialSpoon. This entire album is already feeling full of energy and sick beats! I love it! We even got the first initial final WIP submitted by Deedubs of Ichor! Fantastic job all around to our remixers! We're still recruiting for those remaining tracks, but I'm confident we can get them all claimed by year's end! Looking forward to the next batch of finished WAVs!

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In a short span of time, we got pretty much all the core tracks of the album claimed and being worked on in some fashion or another, to include a few extra tracks! However, there are two that are...unique and definitely deserve a remixer that will do some 'out-of-the-box' thinking when it comes to remixing:
Tawfrey and Goldwood. These are not going to be easy to translate and I would applaud any remixer who is willing to rise to the challenge in tackling them. 

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Waiting on final track polishing from @Sam Dillard and @GlacialSpoon , but we’ll have four tracks complete for the album, but unmastered as of yet. That’s basically 1/3 of the album depending on final track count! That’s fantastic progress since March! Keep up the awesome work and looking forward to the remainder of the tracks!

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********PROJECT UPDATE #6********

Another four tracks are looking to be done soon anytime now, just waiting on the remixers. If they get done as advertised, we'll have 8 tracks complete for the album and we'll be about 2/3s done with the entire project and plenty of finished tracks to begin to start applying for official OCRemix album status! That'll be a huge step in the right direction! I've also secured an artist to make album and disc art and we're already in the WIP stages at this time. Things are progressing great with the album!

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******PROJECT UPDATE #7********

We now have five tracks fully complete, which is roughly 1/3 of the album track roster and the rest in varying stages of development! That means we have enough material to go with to OCRemix to apply for official OCR Album status! Wish us luck and let's see if we can get this album finished and out the door prior to 2021!

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******PROJECT UPDATE #8******

We basically have seven tracks complete now! (six technically, but one isn't far off barring polish critiques! That's basically half way done! If everyone delivers on their promises by end of month or by March, we can get nearly the rest of the album complete in a single month! I also updated the track list with the most accurate progression colors. We're still gunning for a later 2020 release. So let's hope all goes well! We also now have disc art too! Front cover! Back cover! Interior flap! CD cover! It's all done! :D

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******PROJECT UPDATE #9******

And with the except of one remixer doing some polish critiques on a track, we basically have 8 tracks complete now! We're over halfway done! And with the next deadline looming at beginning of March, we are expecting to see a bunch more nearing completion or almost there! But that's not the biggest news....
As of right now, This album has been GREEN LIT FOR OCR ALBUM STATUS!

Yep, that's right! This will be an official OCR release just like Arcadia Legends was! So soon, this thread will move on over to Projects soon when either @djpretzel or another forum mod can get around to doing it. ;) Big kudos to all the hard working remixers on this project, this album is looking to be a fantastic collection of pulse-pounding music set to one of Rare's underappreciated gems!

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