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So, the old thread's gotten rather large. For that reason I'm locking it and leaving it to purge itself.

This is now the official new thread to talk about the Nintendo Wii. It's available all over the world now, and people are buying it and enjoying it.

If you want to discuss specific games, that can be done here as well, but it's recommended to make a separate thread for the bigger titles out there.

Discuss all other Wii-related things in here though, like the hardware, price, pros and cons, and how much you like yours.

Have fun, and no trolling or flaming please.

Edit: Here is a cool page that complements the Wii browser - http://brentalan.com/wiitabs/ (gives tabs)

Also, some flash minigames for the Wii - http://www.wiicade.com

Wii/DS friend codes for OCRers - http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=95806

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So, 1 week has passed since the European Wii release. I got all the cash, still waiting till the new shipment comes in though. Le sigh.

When I'm picking it up, I'll be getting Zelda with it, and with next months pay I'll pick up Wii Play + remote + nunchuck.

Goddamn it. Why do I have to wait when the rest of the world is already enjoying the wonders of this revolutionary new console?

Not to mention the fact that the US already has Elebits and we're not getting it till March :x

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I made the last post in the "official Wii thread" #1...

My name shall be immortal and never forgotten! MUAHAHAHA

btw, I enjoy my Wii...

Come on, make some dumb jokes about this statement, but you know it's true!

until the thread is purged.

anyway, where the hell is the next shipment of european Wii games and stuff? I want my rayman and my Classic Controller!

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My PS2 committed suicide a few weeks ago, so I've got all these ps2 games eating a hole in my bookshelf:


I'm considering selling all this stuff off (minus the GC games) to add to my "Wii Fund", which, as of yesterday, totals... zero.

I wonder what's the best way to sell these for the most money? I also have another dualshock controller, and a shadowblade arcade joystick.

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re: boxing, it seems like the most powerful punch is the body hook, at least when hitting the bags. doing that always seems to knock the bag right off the hooks, even if they're at 3/4 power remaining.

but i still haven't figured out how to get all the punches to execute every time. sometimes i punch and the game doesn't read it, sometimes i don't move and the game makes me punch. anyone have tips on how to get the punches just right?

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re: boxing, it seems like the most powerful punch is the body hook, at least when hitting the bags. doing that always seems to knock the bag right off the hooks, even if they're at 3/4 power remaining.

but i still haven't figured out how to get all the punches to execute every time. sometimes i punch and the game doesn't read it, sometimes i don't move and the game makes me punch. anyone have tips on how to get the punches just right?

Exactly my point.

Dodging punches is only so-so too because the gloves don't come together right all the time either so boxing just comes out to be a downright frustrating experience.

Tennis is really the only one I can play for more than one game/round/set without wanting to switch. I just got pro on it this evening after 81 games.

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Still waiting for a Wii. :(

Went to Target at 4 am, because a friend who works there told me they got a shipment in. There are already 26 people in line, for 18 Wii's.

Stupid video game scalpers.

That same thing happened to me, I was at target there today at 5:50 I was about 25 in line and they had only 21 Wii's.

Then after getting rejected at target, I went to EB games, where they had 7 Wii's.

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Better graphics will always impress some core gamers. The fact is less people are impressed with the the HD jump than the PS2's and especially the N64's.

Frankly I'm not impressed with HD gaming at all. It's smoother lines and more detailed textures. $1000 for a console + TV is asking too much right now.

Can we please talk more objectively here? It can't possibly be some "pure fact" that people aren't impressed. Please read what you just said.

If it's some "fact that the HD jump isn't impressing people", why is the sale of HDTVs on such a meteoric rise? The number HDTVs in homes in 2002 was around 2.2 million. In 2004, it was about 3 million more. The total percentage of HDTV usage, at least in America, is starting to reach 10% compared to about ZERO percentile roughly around 2001. And with more TV channels, HD-DVD/Bluray, game systems with High Def content and even streaming video that are starting to offer HD content, the number is only increasing. High definition is not becoming some "eyecandy" to oggle and pick up. It's becoming STANDARD.

And why are the 360s selling like hotcakes basically everywhere in the world but the stubborn anti-western Japanese? How can the PS3 simply fly off the shelves even at its ludicrous price?

And so says YOU who is constantly unimpressed by HD gaming? What says about ME who is? So what is up with that undeniable fact about people not being impressed? This has nothing against to do with the Wii here. Don't mistake me. But look at all the weak ports the Wii currently has such as all the FPS games that are being ported over which just look horrendous because the game developers aren't using the Wii to its own capability. Again, the Wii's weakpoint is its graphical capability compared to the competition. This is not me saying graphics are the only things matter or that Wii's philosophy is bad. Don't get me mistaken.

Okay, that article is just pure biased garbage and he's essentially judging something that is NOT ON A FUCKING HIGH DEFINITION television? he's looking at some half assed IGN pictures and assuming all that? Look, that is pure bullshit. And you know it.

You're assuming the majority of people who could potentially buy Wii care about graphics. Absolutely incorrect. Case in point: The NES sold 60 million units worldwide. The Super NES, with it's significantly better graphics, sold 49 million worldwide. Clearly, graphics can only appeal to so many. I would say the vast majority of gamers care about price. Hence why the Wii and especially the DS are such hits.

Wrong. They care about the presentation, the style, the Nintendo games and what the system can do by itself. Some Wii games trying to emulate some high end PC game with extremely pixelated, nigh unplayable versions of superior versions is simply embarrassing. Yes, people buy the Wii for the unique content. And the 3rd party simply aren't doing that. I can see a few 3rd parties making the EFFORT to make games purely for the Wii using its own specifications and capabilities, but we simply are not seeing that. Again, it's only Nintendo running the show and it's the 3rd party that typically does not make much of a gamble with an original title that does the Wii justice.

Also, people DO care about the graphics. You know why the original NES sold so well? It's because of the sheer number of new gaming franchises that was unprecedented in its time AND the graphics were LEAGUES better than the Atari's. Maybe you don't remember the days when people hailed the NES graphics as being "superior to Commodore, Atari and PC graphics". But that was the general concensus in its time. It pushed the boundaries of gaming not only with the directional pad setup and the games, but also because of the games possible thanks to its graphical power. I'm not one of those people who are soley impressed by visuals here. I keep making that point again and again. It's just that it seems blatantly obvious that people correlate the increasing graphics capability to the gameplay since they have always correlated very well. The more things a system is capable of showing off to the television, the more things the developers can do with it. I don't want to hear how the Twilight Princess gameplay could have been possible on the NES or would have been as immersive and beautiful and memorable. I do not want to hear that because that's just pure drivel.

I've seen PS3/360 displays in stores, and have played quite a bit of the 360 lately on an HDTV. I'm being totally honest when I say I am not overly impressed with the visuals. Maybe it's because I'm spoiled with PC graphics and have been seening the same thing for over two years now, but they just don't look amazing to me.

I agree to a point, but let's face the FACTs for one:

A 15-20 inch CRT screen is not the same thing as 40+ inch plasma television with superior clarity to anything before it. I mean, I have one right now and the difference is clear as long as you have the high definition content to make use of it.

And another thing is that a PC is not the same thing as a home console you play on a living room. It's simply the different type of mindset. I do agree that with some games on the PC in the last few years, it does things that at the very least, almost rivals what a 360 can do (because not everyone is gung ho enough to have a tricked out tri-processor computer that could easily cost in the $3000s). But it's not the same circumstance and the pricing is much more efficient on a home console in comparison to PCs. Again, just because I'm making a case for HD gaming, it's not like I'm bashing PCs here. It's just two different things when it's all said and done.

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