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Why do all the albums do this on my iphone?

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That seems like a tagging issue with the files. The "song title" field is being ignored and some sort of "source material" field is being read by the app instead.

I've seen this with MP3 files that had their tags set wrong. I think newer apps read the embedded info differently than older ones, like Winamp.

You might have to either redo the tags, or live with any OCR albums doing this, or see if there is a setting in the app that determines what it looks up and displays as titles and such.

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On 7/13/2020 at 6:18 PM, Centuros said:

As you can see, it has the series name for every track (except a few, not shown), but still shows the names just fine on the "now playing" bar. 

I can't say I've ever seen album tracks do that on my iPhone. @Centuros @Silverpool64 Did you change anything at all about how the sorting/display works? I can't replicate this on my iPhone, but wanna look into this further.


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@Liontamer I don't think so. I just downloaded the "Dungeonmans Remanstered" torrent and had the same issue. I think it only happens when songs that are "next" to each other have the same "Work" tags, as in this album's case. When an album (like Speeding Towards Adventures) has multiple games in the sources, iTunes doesn't do anything because the "Work" tags are different.

My solution is to take the info in the "Work" tag and put it in the "Grouping" tag. I have no idea what these different tags do, but it works for me.

These are the albums I mentioned for reference.



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OK, I've figured out the issue, solution is here. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7846590

Apple changed the function of the Grouping tags (all the way back in 2017), so now they don't behave the way they used to and cause the confusing display issue. Going forward, I'll keep the Grouping field blank.

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