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Tetris Attack Album - Performing Prelude Portfolio of Puzzles (name pending)

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Tetris Attack Album


This was a great game I played with my wife when we first got married nearly 20 years ago.  The original album project was set up at that time and I had accepted 3 songs.  The original thread is still around and there was plenty of interest at that time.  The songs I worked on I did a lot of it when I was sent to Louisiana for Hurricane Katrina relief (I built/maintained the supporting software for various gov't agencies, like power, rebuilding roofs, etc).  It was here that I had a lot of time (no internet, very little power except through the RV as there were no hotels) and being alone at night I just wrote music (3 songs).  In any case, I loved these songs and I wanted to put them towards the album - it was abandoned so I decided to start a new one.  I'm looking for people interested and will ask to move this to the album thread if I get enough interest.

I'm also thinking of possibly doing more puzzle game albums depending on how this one turns out.

I plan on programming the website - though I may recruit some highschoolers/college students (friend's kids) looking for experience to add to their resume.

Positions Recruiting:

  • Remixers / Musicians
  • Art
  • Co-director: someone who has led albums before who can help me organize this (tell me what I need to do, what I'm missing, etc).


Each song has a core instrument/style of play to represent the character and its critical/panic.

For example, Raphael the Raven (Lunar) stage and the panic/critical stage would both be a violin.  The normal stage would be playful violin but the panic/critical would be a horror violin style.

The actual genre of music could be anything as long as the normal stage has a positive vibe and the panic stage has an aggressive/panicked vibe.

I'll clearly add a list of each instrument corresponding to each character/stage below - though this is currently in progress.






Track List:



In Progress

In Progress > 80% (final touches)



[instrument featured]

Demo Stage
- Normal Stage
- Critical Stage

Yoshi Stage
- Normal Stage
- Critical Stage

Breeze Stage 1 (Lakitu) [Voice?]
- Normal Stage Souperion
- Critical Stage
Glacial Stage 2 (Bumpty) [Trumpet / other high brass]🎺
- Normal Stage Wassup Thunder
- Critical Stage
Forest Stage 3 (Poochy) [Bass]🎸
- Normal Stage The Vodoú Queen (Acoustic/Slap Bass)
- Critical Stage
Flower Stage 4 (Flying Wiggler) [Drums? More bass?]
- Normal Stage
- Critical Stage

Water Stage 5 (Froggy) [Piano]🎹
- Normal Stage Xaleph (5%)
- Critical Stage Xaleph (75%)
Blaze Stage 6 (Gargantua Blargg) [Electric Guitar]🎸
- Normal Stage
- Critical Stage

Sea Stage 7 (Lunge Fish) [Mallet? Dulcimer? Clav? Rhodes? Pads? - unsure]
- Normal Stage Thirdkoopa
- Critical Stage Xaleph (75%)
Lunar Stage 8 (Raphael the Raven) [Violin & Plucked??]🎻
- Normal Stage
- Critical Stage Xaleph and pointblanket (Mastering, 98% done)
Boss Stage (Hookbill the Koopa, Naval Piranha & Kamek) [Organ]🎹
- Normal Stage
- Critical Stage

Bowser's Stage (Bowser) [Low Brass]📯
- Normal Stage
- Critical Stage

Other songs are optional though I recommend you check out Encounter with Bowser as it's pretty awesome.

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I'll be making updates to the main thread as I add instruments.  If you're a remixer who takes a song, feel free to suggest an instrument for that stage if it's not already assigned.

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