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OverClocked ReMix King of Fighters Tournament

Arek the Absolute

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The time has come fellas, cause it is tournament time!

Kamoh has helped me come up with the new formation for how the tournament is going to be played. We are no longer going to use the single elimination method.

Here is the setup of where people are placed and how the rules are. Kamoh spent a while making this, so pay attention:


You have two weeks to get your matches done.

Good luck fellas.


Welcome to the Overclocked Remix King of Fighters/Street Fighter Tournament thread! Here, we will be holding monthly tournaments from either King of Fighteers or Street Fighter, alternating between the two per month.

This month, we shall be playing King of Fighters 00, a nice game to start off our *hopefully* new monthly tradition.

We will be using an emulator called Kawaks, a cps1/cps2 and neogeo emulator. It has its own netplay option that does not require lan, so we do not need to worry about using Hamatchi. You can use whichever server fits you best to play your matches on. East coast should use "anti3d", while the West coast should use "fragbox". These two are the best for both coasts, and should help to minimize desynching and ping issues.

Practice hard, and good luck!

Doulifee has kindly donated to us a nice banner:


Use it to spread the word!

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Hey, if you guys get this set up and I'm not busy running or something, I'll throw down in some KOF goodness (even though I'm a Capcomphile myself.)

I was thinking of starting something like this myself, but I was afraid to because of the .....well.. dubious nature surrounding emulator based online tournaments.

BTW, which KOF are we thinking about. I'm all for 2000, or 98 "Slugfest"

and of course SFA is always good (if we change our minds)

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Wow, the response to this is really lame. I KNOW there are people that would love to see how well they would do against others on either KoF or street fighter. This is amazing....

I am giving this a few days, and if nothing happens, I am starting this off anyways.

Hey...the wnba started with hardly any teams, and now it is pretty big. Guess it just takes time.

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This post is basically just to make sure my new sig works, but...... also.... Why don't we all go post in a bunch of other threads now.

Well, actually, since I'm already wasting my time posting this.... why don't we start a guide for setting up for the tourney? Obviously not telling people where to access roms or anything, but where to get kawaks, and which version will be standard, and other things that may be important if someone plays KOF, but isn't very savy with emulation (or kaillera.) I know I'm not.

And where the hell is Eazy P? I'd expect his butt to be all over this thing.

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