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A possible new take on remixes? Would it be allowed?


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The number of remixes that involve real vocals are rare on the site, and the few that do have vocals referencing the videogame on which they are based on.

My question is, what if someone took a theme, made their own arrangement/remix, sang vocals, but the vocals had absolutely nothing to do with the theme of the game at all?

The closest remix I can think of that somehow does this is "Niggaz 4 Life" (based on the game "Asteryx"). Even then, the lyrics still contain some content related to the game.

What I am basically asking is, if someone takes, let's say, OOT's "Bolero of Fire" theme, then actually makes a nice mix laden with spanish vibes, and sings about, oh, growing up in Havana, Cuba or something... would this be allowed? Keep in mind that the videogame theme would still be discernable, not obscure.

How would the judges respond to such a remix? How would the community take it? What do you guys think?

If lyrical content has no limits (save for profanity, given that this site is meant to be kept as clean as possible), this would open up a new area of videogame remixes, no?

I'd like to hear your opinions.

EDIT: sorry if remixes like this exist already on OCR, but I haven't come across any.

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Personally, I like them just the way they are. The lyrics just kind of dilute the whole "video-game" background music aspect that has come to make this site one of a kind. Yes, the sites mission is to show that the music isn't just background noise. But making the song sound better by remixing shows that the music sounds good any way. I just don't like lyrics cause they usually are pretty bad and (no offense) the singing is pretty bad.

Just my two cents.

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I believe Hale-Bopp has a couple remixes on the site that contain lyrics that aren't related to the video game itself.

You are correct, sir. All of my lyrics up to this point and time are based on personal experiences and essentially have nothing to do with the games the original music came from. In fact, of the two remixes/arrangements of mine that are OCR related, I haven't even played either game, let alone seen either of them in action, so I really know nothing about them at all. I just happen to be a massive Motoi Sakuraba fanboy ever since I first played through Golden Sun.

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