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I've been going to this forum for several years and i love it but...


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For me I've always found it wierd most of the songs I have on my HD from OCR are from 03-04. I still do have some of the recent songs on my HD, pretty much most of the same songs people have already mentioned.

So one day I was curious and bored and decided to check in sequence all the songs that came out from 03-05. I found my answer why I have more songs from that time on my HD. There were about 4-6 songs posted per week, where as now there is 1-2. Simple math, I am prob downloading and religiously listening to the same % of songs from this era as from years ago.

Also a big # of the new remixes that are becoming part of OCR are all Project Mixes. Combine Blood on the Asphalt and Proj. Chaos and that's well over 50 more remixes from 06.

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And yeah, we need more trance, dance, and techno.

Agreed--stuff that has the quality level of bLiNd, zircon, ziwtra et al.

If you're not hearing stuff you like getting passed, one productive thing you can do is comment on stuff in the WIP forum and help others make the kind of music you want to hear. There's some excellent electronica by the likes of cthonic, strike911 and others that could benefit from appreciation and criticism.

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As a person that doesn't post that often I doubt I have the right to make a judgment such as this, but I'd personally much prefer judges that let a poor remix in then judges that would keep a good remix out.

Yes, I understand quality over quantity, but I'm sure even a few songs that most people find terrible have a small number of fans. There ARE a few remixes that I have no desire to listen to again, but from comments I've read on those, not everybody agrees.

And if you are worried about bandwidth and storage space, well, bandwidth is and will likely stay expensive but storage space isn't all that bad. If it was, deleting a couple remixes wouldn't improve the situation any.

If anything however, I'd say the judging of OC Remix has gotten more strict over the years, not more lenient. I don't see any of the remixes that get filtered out, so I can't tell you if I think this is good or bad. =)

Edit: As an extra little note, I don't even delete the remixes I don't like, not even when I had just 16gb total of space. Now I have an external 80gb, so it's less of an issue...

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Everything is better when you're first exposed to it. It's the same with everyone babbling about the golden age of now-defunct UnMod, which was always traced to the time when said user joined the forums.

Some people don't want to admit this, but it's the cold hard truth. It's sad to know how much people are missing out on (in any aspect) because their rush of nostalgia will never be matched, and therefore, keep a closed mind to concurrent ideas.

So it's silly to sit around and bitch about the quality of music on a site where people are donating their time and sweat. Go outside. Support music that you do like. There's a lot of local music that can use your support.

I can understand where you are coming from, but regardless of whether it's free or not, the listener isn't going to show any bias because of this. At least, I believe they shouldn't. Sure there are certain elements to appreciate, but would you really want everyone to be all in favor of your lackluster pieces? That wouldn't give you an honest opinion to direct towards future pieces.

So, even though people here can go outside and listen to bands out there, they are still here, at OCR. So apparently, it's not too bad for them :P

And yes, I do very much disagree with the massive generalizations throughout this thread.

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Seconded for emphasis.

Recent remixes that blew me away include Dj Redlight - Dr. Mario Burning Up, Blue Magic - DKC2 The Delay, Dale North - Earthbound Home Again, aluminum - Earthbound Brainshock. Generally, I *really* like every single ReMix that has been posted as of late. There are plenty of excellent, mind-blowing ReMixes just as < OCR1000. I still have my favorites (most of them are < OCR1000), but it remains true that there is very litte "bad" music on this site. Nothing like DJ Frog's Bad Tuna. Sure there generally isn't as much "trance" or "techno" as of late (which I'm mildly annoyed by), but hopefully we'll see some of that soon. Who knows. It depends if any ReMixers send any good techno shits. If you know the techno shits reference, I give you permission to not like recent ReMixes posted on OCR. But I'm afraid that if you've only been around since 2006, you *probably* have no idea.

So, xinster, my vote is: NO

Techno shits

Raver pants


All of these must be known. Then again, you were like, what, 13 back then tom?

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Some guy shows up, says he's been here for years, and he has a March 2006 join date. The majority of his posts are in a non-remixing thread, and he bitches about the music which he doesn't seem to have any part of.

So... what was necessary again?

I just dont think it was necessary to immediately call him "noob." Hes been on signed up on the forums for almost a year.

I myself lurked here for 2 years before signing up, and to boot I barely ever post.I never post in the remixing threads. Doesn't mean I dont know about the content of the site. How long did you lurk before you joined?

To top it off your post had nothing to say that related to his topic. In my opinion, it was completely unnecessary.

And yes I know my post has nothing to do with the topic, but I can't stand when someone gets all high and mighty with their "you joined after me, so I know more than you" crap.

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