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'In The Dark' Released


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Hey folks. As promised, it's April 1st. So here's the album.

Download Disc 1

Tracklist for Disc 1:

1.) Lights Out

2.) Mantra

3.) Smoke

4.) Unrest (feat. Chris Serani)

5.) Freefall

6.) Energy Burst

7.) Afterburner

8.) Sensation of Space

9.) Trip the Breaker

10.) Epiphany

11.) Phase 1

12.) Tinderbox

13.) Here Stand We Who Defy Gravity

14.) Azure

15.) Until Forever

Download Disc 2

Tracklist for Disc 2:

1.) Guilty

2.) Heterodyne Principle

3.) Together / Set To Flame / Hyperion

4.) I Dream of Killing

5.) crush&EXPAND

6.) Mantra (Stompin Edit)

7.) Yume no Kage

8.) Trip The Breaker (Broken Mix)

9.) Eternalizer

10.) Trigger Finger

11.) Style Free

12.) Ransom Rath vs. Beatdrop - Trip The Breaker

13.) When Last Alone

14.) Decimation By Decibels

Enjoy. And obviously, if you enjoy it and think it's worth some money, I would appreciate donations to help me pay some bills. You can donate by Paypal-ing some cash to beatdrop@gmail.com.

Website coming soon.

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Bumping because more people need to download this and make sexy comments on it.

Seriously, this is very worth your time to listen to at LEAST once. I've got this burned and in my car CD changer now. Thankfully I replaced my stock speakers with stuff that doesn't suck because these tracks kick HAAARRRD.

And if you have subs you'll probably have a Beatdropgasm.

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Yeah, come on dudes!!! DL this stuff.

Beatdrop; hop on AIM sometime man. If you haven't already signed your life away you gotta license some of this. :)

Or he could join the ever growing Wardriver Collective! :P GO GO PRO BONO!

IRREGARDLESS, this shit is hot, yo. I'm usually not one for the technos, but I actually enjoyed a lot of this. Mostly because it's actually original, unlike the canned regurgitated shit you hear in clubs these days. Nice work, and make more albums plz.

Speaking of albums plz, where the balls did Ubik go...

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