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Nah, this isn't frowned upon. As mentioned above, these mixes are available elsewhere online, though OC ReMoved is your best spot. The reason we removed them is because they're primarily based on sampling of the original tune, whereas we look for actual arrangements rather than "remixes" in the traditional sense.

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yeah, i was sad when i saw em removed.

deleting them was consistant with the guidelines, but i would've loved to see them pardoned (among some others).

classic ocr tunage imo. ah well...

Hahaha, I'm very glad we didn't keep it, but I loved that song too. That's why I'm OCR's bad cop. But there was one fan, man, he pleaded and pleaded with us in the "Ocarina Boogie" review thread to keep it, and I just wasn't having it. :lol: Obvious removal candidate is obvious.

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As much as the standardization/removal debates continue to spring up from time to time and cause controversy... I don't mind the occasional stirred pot if it leads to better remixes.

I recently switched portable music players and without noticing only put on mixes up until about 2008... and you know what I noticed? None of my favourite remixes were on there. At the end of the day, the exhaulted 'higher-quality' platform of having an official 'Overclocked Remix' is exactly that; a platform above the others. A publicity award for musical distinction.

If you want more 'mediocre' or less quality regulated video game covers there are plenty of places to go for that.

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