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OCR Cribs | 2007

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last week i was thinking the remixing forum has been kinda dull lately. and the original cribs thread was a huge success, so... why not? i'll start:


this thread is not about enumerating what kit/software you have. (though i won't stop you)

it's about sharing your creative environment thru visual means (photos, screencaps, videos)

even if that's just a couch, a laptop, and a pair of headphones... let's see it !

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you guys should really keep those guitars in their cases.
you should really contribute to this thread !
What happened to your analog & modular sexyness? (the modular synthesizer with cables everywhere)
it tried to strangle me, so i had to get a patchcord-free synth. or maybe i "finished" my modular (filled up all the blanks) and sold it.

i changed my perspective: i want everything in my studio to be within arms-reach. not because i'm lazy but because i want a limiting factor to (hopefully) allow more spontaneity in my environment.

you really should get isolation pads for those Mackies, Analoq.
i already have some. in my setup they make little difference, so i haven't used them lately.

Dhsu fails hard. more cribs, plz.

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I was invited to participate with the latest CRiBS thread, so here I am. A lot of stuff happened in my studio, though I'm still not happy with one or another thing, or some stuff is missing (not on the picture, ot not aquired yet), but this is my momentarily status, and I guess that won't change in a major way within the next half year or so.


Not to see on this pic is my Zoom MultiFX device, and a spare double tape deck that I've got lent by a friend for recovering his old tape recordings (lower right, behind the chair), and my microphones. Hard to see: Yamaha MU-15 (top of the rack), Yamaha RY-30 (between the sampler and the EMU Virtuoso, usually not in use), Phillips CD Walkman (for final-checking CD cuts, above the M-Audio/midiman midisport 4x4 in the back), Behringer Tube Ultragain 200 (behind the Line6 GuitarPort).

The rest should pretty much speak for itself:




Hard to see on this one: Upper left - Quantum Leap Brass, Zero-G EZ-Rollers, Eest West Total Piano, Zero-G Total REX, Various Magazine Bundle Deals, Halion 3. Upper Middle - Vengeance Essential Club Vol2, Vengeance FX, Quantum Leap Rare Instruments, Steinberg Sounds and Cycle Collection (Chemical Big Beats, Chemical Fusion Technology, the Electro Age). Not on the picture: purchased online plugins/VSTi/Samples/Impulses (momentarily stored on 3 coverless DVD's)

Pictures from: Today, 17th May 2007

On a sidenote: I would have also posted a more close-up picture from my rack, but only 4 images are allowed per message. Oh well.

Planned stuff for the future: getting new monitor speakers (at least 2.1), building a DIY mbSID (rack), abusing my WiiMote as MIDI controller (not only as remote for MPC and Winamp), abusing my Nintendo DSLite as KAOS Pad (DSMIDIwifi)

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The place where Jill is sitting is... well... o_O

i dunno, i store equipment under my desk too.

i tried to order a Pixietricks for my studio, but the best my Sweetwater rep could offer was Vocaloid.

when will people learn? a softsynth just isn't as good as the real thing! :3

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My crapass current setup

Points of interest:

- Crappier version of zircons keyboard

- 9 pence of change on desk

- Comes with both white and orange picks

- Subwoofy for putting you feet on

- Mini-keyboard i borrowed from my gf after i spilt ribena on mine

- Translated novel of Battle Royale I haven't read yet


My guitars:

Left is a Jackson Dnk...2..something.... don't actually know

Right is an Ibanez RG1570

Amp is a Line 6 Spider 212 thingy


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First of all, lawlz @ unsightly

Here we go:

Yamaha DGX-205 for practicing on

M-Audio Axiom 49

Peavey evnoy 110 loaned from dad

little cheap effect pedal (i think it's borked now)

and my first bass guitar, Washburn RB2000

really good computer for music

X-fi Xtreme Music soundcard (purchasing accompanying console soon)

and Klipsch speakers, if they're worth a damn.

notice i proudly sport teh OCR shirt!


(not picture, the 3 naked women waiting to jump my bones when i put the camera down)

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