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Starcraft 2

Shadow Wolf

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The Protoss Mothership description sounds too scary to be true.

Browder caps the demonstration with one last new unit, the Protoss mothership, the ultimate weapon in the Protoss army. It's an incredibly expensive unit with a "time bomb" ability that distorts time within an energy field, making enemy fire too slow to actually reach and hit the mothership. Once the time field collapses, enemy shells clatter uselessly to the ground. The mothership also possesses the "planet cracker," a stream of multiple lasers that devastate anything beneath it. Finally, the mothership can create a black hole--an extremely damaging ability that wrecks flying enemies. The glowing black hole simply sucks in the Terran warships, which warp in appearance before disappearing utterly into oblivion.
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I'm excited about the potential in a new map editor. I had a lot of fun with the scripting language in the first one.

Same here. So much to look forward to!



Some more video, showing different 'toss units. Looks like you have a lot of control over the camera, which is a definite plus, and one of the things I was worrying about.

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I'm sure millions of people are pissing themselves with excitement right about now. I however, do not a have a level of excitement that might cause me to relieve myself in my shorts. Played the first game, and just didn't find it to be the godsend so many claim it to be. It was a fun enough game, but in truth, I had a lot more enjoyment from WarCraft III and Diablo II. Regardless, there are a lot of happy people now (who will likely be waiting a very long time yet), and I'm happy for them.

As I said on .org, wake me if they announce Diablo III.

I will be pissed if they turn SC2 into another watered down Diablo like they did with WC3. RTS is not about running around with a hero unit in a bloody maze half of the campaign.

In other news, I have once again joined the ranks of the 02'ers.

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What I'm curious to know now is whether any of StarCraft Ghost has been grafted into this game. Like, is Nova's story part of the Terran Campaign? I would actually be sort of surprised if they didn't have her in here somewhere, because StarCraft Ghost spent a LONG time in development before they cancelled it, and I doubt they just scrapped everything.

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