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Pixietricks' Solo Album, Origins - New Song 12/23!

Jillian Aversa

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Hey guys. I have a bit of exciting news to announce. First and foremost, my first original album is currently underway! That's right - one album, one me, and... an indeterminate number of songs. ^_~ When will be the release, you ask? I'm shooting for this coming spring, 2008. A realistic goal, I believe, but I'll hold off on the specifics until things are closer to completion.

The album itself will feature soaring vocal tracks mixed with a dash of ethnic/electronic flavor. Inspired by such artists as Enya and Loreena McKennitt, I hope to envoke an emotional response through my music while exploring new methods of lyrical communication. If you've downloaded any of my video game remixes, expect music along a similar vein... only better! Special appearances from zircon, and possibly other interested artists from the community, as well.

Now, if you are a particularly zealous fan - or even a mildly curious person - then you're in luck! I have finally set up an official mailing list, which will allow me to send out the occasional update with samples of my current work, release dates, and other tasty tidbits. If you're at all interested, don't hesitate to join! Just head over to the "Contact" page on my website, enter in your email address, and check off the "Join my Mailing List" option before submitting. I doubt I'll email you more than once a month, but you can always remove yourself from the list if you decide you've heard enough of my voice for a while.

Anyway, I'm definitely psyched for this project. I have two tracks completely finished, one almoooost done, another in progress, and several rough sketches. Things are coming along well! I'll post a couple previews on my site and myspace in a bit, but first dibs to those on the mailing list. :>

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Thanks! And yeah, to expand upon what zircon said earlier... I think you'll find the tracks on this album of higher quality than a lot of my remixes here. I've been paying much more attention to detail than I normally would for a vg tune, and with Andy's mastering expertise things should sound pretty polished in the end. :>

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After getting Antigravity and hearing the work you and Zircon put into it, I look forward to hearing the new album, when it comes out. If possible, I'd like to be on the list, please.

I can't manually add you to the list without knowing your name and email address, but it's easy. Just go to this page, enter your return address, check off the "Join my Mailing List" box, and click submit. You will then receive an ugly confirmation email that requires you click one last link to activate your subscription. ^_~

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