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So long, gay Bowser!


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It's not just someone highlighting random letters to form a message, as the Joystiq article originally led me to believe. The letters U and R in Super, M and R in Mario, and G, A, and Y in Galaxy all have a star / sparkle on the lower part of the letter.

Oh ok, That makes more sense. Because before i thought they were just picking and choosing letters to spell it. I don't see a problem with it, alot of words have M R G A and Y in them.

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As long as we're on the subject, I'll just ask: If Mario's so hot for Peach, why does he still live with his brother? Hmmm? I think Mario will come out of the closet soon. Next thing you know we'll find out Samus was a man that had a sex change in an unknown prequel called Metroid: I feel trapped in my own body.

his "brother"

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you only see it if you want to see it?!

there is no denying that the letters have sparkles on them... its not a matter of us seeing it, they're clearly twinkling, which draws attention to them in on their own, it's entirely a matter of the original artist's intentions... whether or not he/she meant to spell U R MR GAY! Funny if it's true though.

but the fact of the matter is that if that person did do this intentionally...

...they must be killed, and must wear a sign before their demise that reads "NO, I R MR GAY!"



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