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OCR01647 - Snow Brothers "Go Blow Snow for a Year"


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  • 2 weeks later...

Old school synths and a Savatage-style Carvin crunch. Delicious!

What really makes this mix awesome is the details. Each spectrum has something great happening throughout, and things build and releasenaturally; especially good is the synth slide right before the piano breakdown. Just that one note makes it so much more dramatic. Super cool.

Playing is pristine and there are some really cool panning ideas and rhythm part layerings. This is really easy to just have on repeat for a few hours, as it flows really well.


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Who cares about snow? This mix is sure to blow minds and for over than a year.

Even if you've never played Snow Bros. like me, this remix is just so sentimental and beautifully arranged that not listening to it at least once is a mistake.

It totally deserved that DoD first place of the month

Just amazing work, house.

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  • 1 year later...

I love this remix.

It starts off slow and its flow is easy to get into and very mellow. As the guitar is added with the change of pace and switch of instruments, it really delivers an amazing feel that takes in music of the game and your own touches.

Very great remix and one of the best on the site!

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  • 4 months later...

For me, the most pleasing standouts of this multifaceted mix are:

- the creamy guitars waxing eloquent in the beginning

- the chimes at 0:44+

- the 8-bit "bubbles" during the main chorus sections

- the ongoing changes in the percussion (how many players are present, how and when the drums beat, etc.)

- the guitar's farewell-sounding angst at 2:16-2:20

- the piano's soft expressiveness at 2:52 and its level-headed guidance in the end

Such sprightly and cooperative variety brands this one a winner.

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  • 1 month later...

Overly impressed! Very striking synth-guitar retro fusion that never hits a bad note and never ventures into bland territory. I'm really loving the selection of synths in here. Always interesting and fitting, despite being at odds with the natural order of things. The mix is in a constant state of change, and only keeps getting better. Guitar work is up to par with housethegrate's fantastic preceding work, but what I take from this mix is how nicely the guitar and the synths get along in such a busy arrangement. I wouldn't say they were especially harmonoious, per se. But they get along and work to that common goal, and that common goal sure is sweet. A real unexpected highlight.

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Pretty relaxed beginning for housethegrate. At times, I'm reminded a bit of Boards of Canada with that synth lead. Nice blend of all the elements here: airy arps, chilled guitar, analogue synth & laid back drums. Did I just hear electric guitar at 1:00? Ok, now it's starting to pick up, which is something you'd expect, considering other House mixes. Cool and unexpected piano break at 2:55, with guitars and drums building back up effectively. Overall very good stuff from House, even if it doesn't thrash quite as much as his old stuff.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01647 - Snow Brothers "Go Blow Snow for a Year"

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